Monday, March 30, 2009

hey guys . oui, LOVELOVE !! see ? i came to post lehh . :p

this morning met lovelove and her bf and went to sch . (: wooh ~ thank you lovelove for your breakfast yeah . or should i thank her bf ? LOL . aiyah . thank you both . :D it's delicious !!
btw, before lovelove write about me being a breakfast craze, i, hereby, announce that, SHE IS ALSO A BREAKFAST CRAZE ! XD

after school, met lovelove in the canteen . ate lunch and then i have to go back home . previosuly when i was having halfway through eating my lunch, i saw a caucasian and i go "angmoh !" LOL . lovelove said "wah . old one you also want" sorry horr, i am just surprised to see a caucasian in school . it's very unusual . that's why my reaction is this big, ohkay ? don't misunderstand . LOL .

that's all for today . bye bye guys ! :D

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