Friday, March 06, 2009

done by lovelove :D
today, went to school as usual . i know i know, boring start . no choice . haha . today was very awake because it's the last day of school before weekend !!! :DDDD
chatted with lovelove during lessons a lot as usual . LOL . and then got back ss test . 8/12 !!! XD
and english essay-like writing got 18/30 . lovelove got 17/30 !!! hahaha .
then cme did a OTAS-like thingy . love doing the last few questions man . all about other countries . LOL . and then did a forget call what thing de thing . lovelove finished it faster than i did . GGRRRR . haha .
after school no remedial !!! WOOOHOOO !! teacher said he will not be here for remedial, so no remedial . yeah ! :D
so, went back home immediately . i know i am a good girl . LOL .
nothing else to blog le . currently talking to lovelove . she's sad AGAIN . don't be le ohkay ?
DEDICATED TO LOVELOVE : don't be sad . it's not worth it . the fault is not on you, it's on him . so it's not worth it to cry for someone who hurt you . remember what i told you on msn . consider it . i know it's difficult for you not to think about it because i've bbeen through this myself . but try not to dwell on it too much . there are a lot of people who care for you and want you to be happy . be happy for THEM . don't be sad because of HIM .

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