Thursday, March 12, 2009

ohkay . who doesn't agree with me that this yorshire terrier is cute ? i'll beat that person up . LOL .
recently, i am emailing this person . he said that he wanted to give away his puppy(pic on top) .
is't it cute ? but the problem is, we don't know for god's sake whether he's for real or not . he said he'd sent his puppy to this delivery company for them to deliver the puppy to our house . and the company expect us to pay before they actually send the puppy over . what should we do what should we do ? hais ..
anyway, about today . went to school . again, thank you lovelove for your breakfast ! :DD your peanut butter bread is awesome man ! i'm loving it ;D
we had a mock test today . -.- E MATH . left some blanks . but i think i should be able to pass . haha .
LOVELOVE !! you better have your dinner ahh . don't ever starve yourself . even if you got no appetite, you still have to eat , girl ! :D
money monkey !!! your b'day !! 7 more days !!! ^.^

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