Monday, March 09, 2009

hey guys . gonna tell you how my pet dog search went last saturday . went to the SPCA with my family . and we saw a SHIH TZU !!! thank you lovelove, for the website :DD we were considering between the shih tzu and the maniature schnauzer . my sis wanted the maniature and i wanted the shih tzu . i do prefer the shih tzu instead of the maniature although the maniature is very obedient compared to the playful shih tzu . in the end, we decided to go to Pasir Ris and have a look .

there are damn lots of dogs shops there i tell you . not to mention, a lot of dogs too ! ^.^ we went to the 1st one and it's selling countless types of puppies . and OMG, my sis and i finally decided that we want the SAME puppy TOGETHER . the silky terrier, that is . it is SUPER CUTE . >.<

so while considering, we went to the other shops and saw lots of dogs all of which are cute . except some, i should say . :x

finally, we went back to the 1st one and considered things real seriously . CONCLUSION : THE SILKY TERRIER WAS NOT BOUGHT . ARGH .

and another conclusion was that we are going to ADOPT one instead of BUYING one . so, we decided to go back to the SPCA to adopt the shih tzu . i called the SPCA to make sure it is still there and yes it is . but what makes me sooo frustrated is that we don't even know one can actually write their name to sort of book the dog that they want to adopt . they are still given time to consider . but of course, you must go there to write your name personally . WTH ! and we went there like idiots . fuck .
so in the end, didn't get the dog loh . KNS .

anyway, talk about today . boring lessons went on and on for usual . so feel like sleeping when it rained today man . the weather was AWESOME for sleeping . haha .
lastly, thank you LOVELOVE for your breakfast !! love ya ! <3 :D

we have come into conclusion that we will take 5 types of dogs into consideration(me and my sister) LOL :
-Teacup Poodle
-Silky Terrier
-Yorkshire Terrier
-Shih Tzu

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