Monday, March 16, 2009

MY DOG !!! i know it's cute . :D

ohkay . so i bought a silky terrier puppy just last saturday and i'm sooo happy with it . :DDD
but sadly, it can't be brought home until three more weeks . T.T
so, the puppy is not in my house right now .
i want my puppy !!! :(
anyway, my sis and i had been thinking for a name for this puppy these few days .
but we have yet to come up with one . LOL .
enough of the pup, or else i'll go crazy thinking about it . LOL .

today had supplementary lessons . english took most of our time . chem was funny . bazilah and the others are all disturbing someone . :x LOL .

tmr supplementary again . zZZ
hope i'll not fall asleep . LOL .

bye guys ! :D

i miss lovelove !!! i miss val !!! i miss adeline, sandy, xuewen, xinyi & xuehua . and the times we had together T.T

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