Tuesday, March 03, 2009

since monkey said i didn't post any pics in my recent post, shall post some today . LOL . don't mind my zilian-ness . hahaha .
WTF . the blogger came down with a problem again -.- i have one more pic yet to upload . sorry guys .

anyway, today went to school . school was ohkay . chit-chatted with lovelove during PE . :D
and then after school had a ss test . zZZ ~ hope can pass . haha . then after went to chem remedial and did experiments . LOL . i was stupid, i admit . i did the wrong thing . oops . but it's ohkay, the answers are on the worksheet already so i was lazy to do the experiment again . hehe . :x

then after chem, i was on my way to find teacher for a math test . but it turned out that i HAD taken the test before already . so, i guess no test for me ! XDDDD
so, i called lovelove when i'm walking towards outside of school . i asked her where she is and she said i just walked past her without noticing . LOL . i seriously didn't notice . she wanted me to accompany her to go IMM but too bad i can't . then she told me she had no idea where to go . so we were having this HOKKIEN TALK and it was REALLY FUNNY . haha . we got too bored, you know . especially when i'm waiting for her to make up her mind where to go . FINALLY, we got out of school . not because she had an idea where to go, of course . she is still thinking of where to go outside school . -.- wanna sleep already right ? LOL . alright, shall not bore you with this . straight cut to she finally decided to go home ! :DDD
then i walked with her and waited for her bus with her . sibei good de me horr . haha .
anyway, my way home is the same way as hers . Xp

after that went straight home . (:


this long post is to pay back the last two short posts that i've posted . :D

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