Thursday, April 09, 2009


why ? i'll tell you why . oh, btw, there's also another branch at sarangoon, so WATCH OUT .

so, back to why . the thing is i went to this pet shop which tells me it sucks like hell after this incident . i actually went to this place for 3 weekends already as i intend to buy a dog . there are a lot of dogs there . then during the 3rd week, me and my family decided to buy this dog which has been there since the 1st week we came .

the puppy(silky terrier) costs $788, F.Y.I .
that person said that we can ony collect the puppy after it had it's 2nd vaccination, which is 2 weeks later . ohkay, fine . we paid a deposit of $395, then .

i'm really really happy at that time, then . tell you what . ALL FOR NOTHING .
you know what happened ? after the second vaccination, they called to tell us that the puppy turned out to be a YORKSHIRE TERRIER . and the most ridiculous thing they do is to tell us to either pay more money for that puppy or give up that puppy .
CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT ?! REALLY RIDICULOUS . they made a mistake by putting this yorkshire together with the silky terriers . they don't even know it's a yorkshire . WHAT KIND OF A PET SHOP IS THIS ?! i mean, hello .. you are the one at fault at you're expecting us to pay more because of the mistake that you made ? what we see is what we should take alright ?! everyone knows that we're right . everyone agrees with us . you're so dead, man . THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF HAVING YOUR COMPANY COLLAPSE BEFORE MY VERY EYES . SOONER OR LATER . NOT LONG .

so, these few days, we've been searching for a lot of ways to get our puppy back . we told them if they give us our puppy with the original price, we aren't going to make things difficult for them . and ... stubborn people don't wanna give in . they gave us three options, namely,
1) return us the full amount of our deposit(S$395) and avoid the sale, which is not possible in all other deposits .

2) welcome us to select another puppy of our intended breed selling at equivalent value($788) or higher .

3) if we're still interested in the puppy, they are willing to offer a $500 discount off the selling price .

F.Y.I, a $500 discount off what price ? $2888 ! go rob a bank man . same thing, you're the one who's at fault . we shouldn't be still paying you more, got it ?
oh, and btw, my auntie also contacted them and the price they told her is different from the price they told us . obviously, CHEATERS .

in the end, which is today, we cannot get the puppy back . i only know that it's really unfair . i don't know why can't we take the puppy even though it's their fault . anyway, my purpose is to warn you guys, NEVER EVER GO TO THIS TO THIS PET SHOP .

*pls pass this to everyone if you can, guys . you'll be of a great help to the society . (:

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