Sunday, March 22, 2009

i'm acting like an idiot . LOL .

the table that changes colours . :D

i'm having strawberry something . forgot it's name . but i know it's nice . (: haha .

told monkey to take it for me :D
the disco lights . cool right ? OMG .

the table is like so fucking gorgeous man .

hey guys . very sorry for my late post . and sorry for those who have been waitng . i saved it as draft, though . that's why it seemed not long before i post this . haha . ohkay . to make this clear, THIS POST IS FOR 19TH OF MARCH 2009 (MONKEY'S B'DAY) :D
ohkay . now i can start . LOL . on monkey's b'day, we went to clarke quay's party world . :DDD
that day was awesome man . >.<
the place was really cool . different from any other party world . the table was lighted, centre of attention, i can say . and then there were so many lights to play with . LOL . yellow lights, blue lights, disco lights . omg . that place is freaking cool . and to let you know, we arrived late but we still have to leave according to that time . zZZ but we did have fun singing quite a lot of songs, though . (:
and after that, it's like 7pm . we went to the toilet and monkey was like so funny . she played a really funny song in the toilet without knowing that there's actually people in the toilet too . LOL ! for those who know, it's called "毛毛歌" . haha .
then, we went past the place which all the clubbing places are situated at and we saw a lot of caucasians man ! :DDD btw, we saw a belly dancer dancing infront of a pub . no idea what is that pub called . val took a pic of the belly dancer, though . you wanna see it, then go view her blog (:
there are quite a few incidents which happened, you know . makes me sooo high . LOL .
firstly, we saw two caucasians checking out a pub but the pub hasn't open yet . one talked to me . omg . he said something like, " hey babe . how're you doing ?" and i replied, " fine :D" LOL .
and then after that, i saw one more caucasian . he walked towards me and guess what he did ? he made a lip puckering face at me ! and then he walked away . LOL !
we walked and walked amd saw the previous two guys again . haha . now, there's three altogether . the same guy asked me the same question again . and i replied the same thing again . hahaha . but this time, he replied ,"oh . that's good, that's good." LOL . after that, we sat at a place and a lot of caucasians walked past us and everyone of them looked at us and a lot of them smiled at us . WHOOTS ~! haha .
and then, we saw the three guys again . they were planning on how to spend the time before the pub opens . they were talking so loud . one guy said, "or do you want to talk to the two girls? (referring to us)" but they didn't come towards us in the end . LOL .
then, there is this group of caucasians, including both guys and girls . one girl wanted to take a photo standing up there . and this guy, wearing black, is god damn handsome . he told the girl to be careful which i think it's very normal . money think they're a couple . -.- ended up, i'm right :D because, that guy waved to us to 'say' bye bye to us after his friend whispered something in his ear . man ! we were so high !! ^.^
then there is two girls and two guys, all caucasians, were infront of us, talking to one another . this guy wearing brown is quite cute . LOL . he wanted to smile at me but i was too shy to look at him . LOL . but in the end, i did . he seemed to want to talk to me but he's afraid of something . haha . and then at this point, monkey said she wanted to go to the toilet . i was liek HUH ?! i mean, we just went to the toilet . LOL . she told me to stay while she go . then this guy in brown, which i told you previously, he saw monkey go and then he walked towards me . LOL . know what he asked ? "excuse me . do you know any good places around here ? around this clubbing area?" -.- so sad i don't know loh . so i replied, " i'm not sure (:"
then, when they're gone, next came the three guys again . the ones i met three times altogether previously . LOL . we've got fate huh ? haha . this time, they're with a BIG group of friends . and when, i say BIG, i mean BIG . he said hello to us, AGAIN . LOL . a guy, wearing brown(again) but not the same guy as previously, keep on looking at us . LOL . suddenly, two girls from china walked past time . they were like so fake can . the caucasians looked at them but they seem of no interest to them . LOL ! both the girls sat down beside us . -.- then, suddenly, i say one camera, awaiting to take a photo . at first, i thought the camera was aiming at the girls from china but it turned out that it was us that the caucasians were aiming at, using the camera . and we were thinking whther to pose or not . haha ! it was actually the guy with the brown shirt who took the photo and he even high-fived with his friend after he did . LOL .
overall, i had a fun, awesome, fantastic and wonderful day !!! :DDD
love monkey loads >.<

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