Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ohkay ! finally blogger no problem . again, no mind my zilian-ness . because of monkey, i have to upload more pics . LOL . all my zilian pics lahh . hahaha .
anyway, today went to school . lovelove was in a bad mood during chem lesson . but she felt better after that (((: she made me go crazy loh . still ask me whether or not to take her medicine . -.- of course must take right ?!!! so, she took it . haha .
recess went to eat with her and then her rice was PLAIN AS USUAL . LOL . then jump to assembly . sat with lovelove . and she was really funny . kkep on laughing non-stop one loh . hahaha . anyway, IT'S A GOOD THING . better than emo-ing . haha .
then after assembly, accompanied her to eat . and OMG, she added more food to her plate of rice man ! LOL ! but the way she eats her rice is a really really good lullaby . it really was putting me to sleep . haha .
then we went to physics LATE after that . lesson ends fast . :DDD
waited with lovelove for something . we tried to zilian but the pics were not good . LOL .
anyway, we waited for a very long time and FINALLY .
quite long post today lahh, horr . so, lovelove, happy mahh ? hahaha . and monkey, happy ? a lot of my zilian pics horr . LOL .

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