Thursday, March 05, 2009

today went to school as usual . during recess went to eat with lovelove :D and then chinese feel like sleeping . and gurmeet was very lame -.- he msg-ed me even though we're in the same class . zZZ .

anyway, while waitng for humans remedial to start today, i was talking with lovelove . (:
found out that she always do things which are stupid . don't do it again horr, i tell you !!!!!

currently am talking to lovelove and she's on her webcam . LOL . eating her lollipop somemore . funny way she eats it . haha . she's pretty enough already but still keep on tying her hair in front of the webcam . LOL !

lovelove ! count how many times you appear here ! LOL . this post can't be long . haha .

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