Tuesday, March 10, 2009

same old starting point . WENT TO SCHOOL AS USUAL TODAY . LOL .
we had lessons as usual, all that boring stuff . told lovelove to eat her medicine but she just wouldn't !!! keep telling her almost all the time ? GGGRRR . when it's PE, lovelove and me went to change and had our bread . THANK YOU LOVELOVE, for your breakfast again :D

we have to run the 2.4 run today -.- but of course, i didn't run . haha . was chit chatting while walking . LOL . during recess, have not enough time to eat so shared a plate of kuay teow with lovelove (:

then let's skip to the after school activity . we had a leadership programme . and me and lovelove was 30 mins late . 30 ! this is the 1st time i have ever been so late for one thing . guess i'm too guai . LOL ! because lovelove CAN EAT . and when i say can eat, it's CAN EAT . let me tell you what she ate . LOL . a plate of kuay teow, two harsh browns and a plate of grilled fish ! see, i'm not exaggerating when i said that she can really eat . believe me now, don't you ? LOL .

anyway, the leadership programme was quite fun . :D we had to play this game . you have to like form a circle and face your friend's back . and then you're suppose to sit on your friend's knees behind you and to walk one round . my leg is freaking SOUR after that .
overall, i think the leadership programme is very useful and enriching . :D

LOVELOVE !! you better take your medicine ! EVERYDAY ! take care of yourself pls . -.-

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