Wednesday, March 11, 2009

as usual . lessons were very boring . i feel like slping during chem man . zZZ
lovelove slept, though . hurried back to class so that we (lovelove & me) have time to sleep in class before the teacher arrives . LOL .
am not coping well with my A math i tell you . i suck in it .

so we had our humanities lesson and my group is supposed to act today . teacher said i was laughing . LOL . but seriously, it's funny ! you should see it . haha .

then we had our recess . lovelove change her appetite . instead of THREE NUGGETS, she bought THREE “虾饺”(in chinese) . LOL .

had assembly later that afternoon . we are like almost the last class to leave . fuck . teachers said we talked too much during assembly . -.-

anyway, woohoo ! today no remedial so went back home early . :D

liang liang ! i await your b'day ! CLARKE QUAY ! :DDD

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