Saturday, November 29, 2008

today went tuhh tution zZZ
feel all sleepy . same as cousin val .

i went out with my family this morning at 1st . tution starts at 2pm btw .
and went tuhh buy a lot of things . until 2 liiao still haven't buy finish loh . i was LATE !
and i hate that . i was hurrying my mum but there's no difference -.-

so i was half an hour late when i reach the tution centre . val was waiting ferr me at the staircase . LOL . So this is ferr val ohkay ?


so we went in and tution teacher was like "vry early horr?"
LOL . and blah blah blah . the lesson is boring alright .
and then we keep indirectly remind our tution teacher that the time is up . LOL .
that was so funny . and btw, the person sitting infront of me is such an asshole alright .
he's was so fucking acting clever . think he was so clever . don't come tuhh tution lahh ! TMD ~
val and i hate him to core ohkay .

so after tution, we were really getting out of there . so this is the funny part . val was trying tuhh open the door and she didn't know that you shld actually pull from the inside . so she was trying to push it ! her whole body was like so stick tuhh the door and trying tuhh push the door open
i was laughing my ass out ! hahahaha !

when she found out that she's stupid, she was laughing like crazy too . hahaha . damn funny lahh .
anyway, came back home and do nothing again loh .

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