Thursday, November 20, 2008

something bad happened today . my sis wanted to cycle nearby our house . she wanted to bring Peach with her. i insist that Peach should stay at home . but my sis, as always was stubborn -.-"

While i was packing my room, she called . i know something bad must have happen to Peach only that it was a shock to me that Peach was being caught by a CROW !!!! that sure scrared the hell out of me . i know it's hopeless already . once a crow gets a bird, the bir dies . that's the end of Peach . OMG ~

this stupid bloody fucking CROW took my Peach away . i went downstairs to find Peach although i know that it's hopeless . sis said she heard Peach calling a few times but the voice was gone already . this must be it . She must have been eaten by the fucking crow . i can only stand there and call out to her, hoping for her reply .

after that, sis told me that she heard her near the road . so i tried my luck, went there . and from afar, i saw a yellow figure but it's not moving so i was wondering .. IS IT PEACH ? i wanted to call my sis but i think i better go check it out first . you know a big road always have a line og grass and tress in the middle to sepearate it into two right ? yeah . i ran over there and saw PEACH ! it's her ! OMG !

she was so scared . i don't know how she get away from the fucking crow but i guess maybe Peach had bit the crow's leg or what . cause she always do that when someone caught her .

till now, i still can't believe that i can get sooo lucky . and Peach sure is very lucky too .

she's now in the cage . damn quiet . and very sleepy . hope she'll get over it some time .

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