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Monday, November 17, 2008

my beloved MIRACLE ~

today i woke up and found out that my pet bird, Miracle, died . he was at the bottom of the cage, lying on his back ....

the above pic was what he looked like when he died . with his eyes open . i felt really pity for him. It was very sudden ! really ! a few days ago, he was still so healthy, nth wrong . but these two days, he's been quite strange . he started to get tired and sleepy . i don't know why . so i tried not to bother him and let him slp .

but today morning, he's DEAD ! i don't know what Peach can do without him . Peach must have have some feelings for him already, either as friends or as lovers . i am really scared that she will get emo because of the death of Miracle .

and anyway, later i'm gonna work ! YEAH ! XDDD

thanks xuewen, for the invitation . (((:

and to my Peach, don't get sad . Miracle must have flee to somewhere more beautiful and happy (:

be happy for him and live for him :D

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