Monday, November 03, 2008

shot 1: me & cousin val

shot 2:me & cousin val

shot 3 : me and cousin val

shot 4: PIGS ! LOL .

shot 4: anyhow pose . LOL .

the restaurant we went tuhh ferr dinner :D

shot 5:me and cousin val

shot 6: funny . LOL .

yummy :p

cousin's "tropical breeze"

shot 7:in the toilet .

taken by: valerie (too blurry right? i'm the good one here .) haha . Xp

they just look totally cool . (:

shot 8: me and cousin val

my fruit punch .

all the yummy foods that we ordered . :DDD

i'm salivating >.<

taken by: Cheryl (: nice right ?

shot 9: me and cousin val

now to begin my post, i must tell u that this shld be posted on halloween . i told u guys that i'm going tuhh clarke quay right ? and i did !! :DDD

it was such an unforgettable day . all the views, atmosphere- EVERYTHING was spectacular !
i went there with my mum, my cousin, valerie, and her mum . haha .

we went ferr dinner at a place, famous ferr their fishes, yeah . We were soo hungry . i ordered a pasta while all three of them ordered rice with fish ? Argh, i forgot the exact name .

anyway, after i had eaten, i tried to gulp dwn my whole fruit punch but felt like vomitting, so i didn't . suddenly, i thought i felt the vomit was coming out but u knw what ? Out came a loud BURP ! LOL . hahahaha !!! it was so funny . i still rmb valerie just can't stop laughing . LOL .
luckily it was not vomit then . (:

valerie and i took pictures and do our teenage girls talk while my mum and her mum do their adults' talk . haha . we went to the bridge there after that and OMG ! i really can't believe i'm seeing this view myself . everyone was dressed in really cool costumes like star wars, magician, the mummy, fairy, devil and some paint their faces creatively . and i can't believe that i actually can experience halloween .


omg . i'm really in love with halloween frm 31/10/08 onwards . XDDD
same ferr valerie . haha .

and u knw there's this guy who was dressed like a mummy . we just wanna ask him tuhh take a photo when he "boo"-ed at us . LOL . scared the hell out of us . haha . but it was really exciting . didn't manage tuhh have a pic though ):

but i did manage tuhh get one . valerie managed tuhh get 3 !

i am sooo looking forward tuhh the nxt HALLOWEEN !!! ((((:

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