Monday, November 03, 2008

ohkay guys . now this post is ferr today(:

today right after my extra remedial (during the holidays. ARGH ~) , i decided tuhh go out with valerie ferr lunch . we dicided on blk 505 there . but after i went home, my mum told her tuhh come dwn and join us, which is my grandma, my sis and me ferr lunch at my hse's dwnstairs .

i asked her whether she wanted tuhh stay ferr dinner bcos my mother will be cooking . But she had to buy incense, so cannot . ):
after we finished our lunch, she have an idea . if she bought the incense nw , she'll be able tuhh stay ferr dinner ! WHOOPIE ! :D
i accompanied her .

on our way back, it rained . LOL . but u knw, it was so much fun running in the rain . haha . (:
so she stayed and i really think it's a memorable moment cos she seldom stays late in my hse . LOL . :D

and VAL ! glad that u stayed ferr dinner . i appreciate that (: and thanks ferr hlping out :D

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