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Monday, November 17, 2008

these are what my sis bought . (:
the ABOVE BOOKS are bought by a book freak, CHERYL . LOL .

hey guys ! again, i am late to post . Xp

ytd i went tuhh the suntec bookfest . (:

there are really A LOT of books there . really amazing . there's a lot of books that i wanted and therefore, i bought it . LOL .

yeah, i know i know . i am exaggerating right ? what can i say ? i am a sucker for books like that . hahaha .

&& i finally bought the twilight saga of part 2 and 4 . wanna know why i didn't bought the 3rd ? there are only one left there . and the front page was like very pathetic already . that's why i didn't buy . XD

to end my post, i have a few words to say to you people .

PEOPLE PLEASE : i am a book freak . so what ? READING IS GOOD ! ;) hahahaha !

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