Tuesday, November 04, 2008

hey guys ! (:

my cousin val is currently at my hse AGAIN XDDDD
damn happy :D

we went tuhh tuition jus nw, together .
we were damn hungry loh .

so after tuition, we went tuhh mac and buy two packets of fries .
the person asked "small, medium or large?"
she asked me what i want .
then i said anything .
then u knw what she told the person ?

hahaha . laugh my ass out ! LOL .
the person looked so blur . haha .
i think he was wondering the same thing as me .
"got normal one mehh ? "

then she decided we take medium . haha .
we went nearby tuhh seat and eat our fries . (:

after we ate, she said she wanna go my hse and take bus :D
then we walked and talked .
it was a good moment (:

after we reached my hse, i succeeded in persuading her tuhh come my hse :DDDD
yeah !

i wanted tuhh show her the clothes i wanted tuhh wear on fri tuhh ...

yeah, me and my cousin are definitely addicted tuhh going clarke quay . HEE ~

and and my grandma persuaded her tuhh stayed ferr dinner and ...

haha . so she's at my hse nw . LOL .

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