Friday, November 07, 2008

TWIST! ^.^

our shopping results (:

in the toilet (shot 1)

in the toilet (shot 2)

our handphone pouch X) cute right ?

paintings on the wall in the toilet . nice horr ? (part 1)

paintings on the wall in the toilet (part 2)

our mirror image

smile :D

her face is big and my face is small . YEAH !

see ? she likes to squeeze inside ppl's photo . Xp

she looks very blur right ? haha .

her ice cream is YUMMY ! ^.^

i took it when she didn't knw it




see the behind that girl . LOL .

actualy this is supposed tuhh be posted on last fri but again, my blogger got prob . T.T
so told my cousin, val, tuhh hlp me post the photos up .

we went tuhh
CLARKE QUAY !!!!!!!!

we had our lunch at YOSHINOYA .
we both did not have breakfast, so it shld be both lunch and breakfast. haha .

after that we went walk around CENTRAL .
the shopping centre is damn complicated .
we don't knw which part have we walked and which part have we not walked . LOL .
and at first we didn't find anything that we liked .

but after walking for along time, we finally found a shop that we quite liked .
\we went inside and val chose a checkered shirt .
she's a fast chooser, i tell u .

i aimed at one dress bt i was deciding whether tuhh try it or not .
i was scared that it's ex .
val was already trying on the shirt that she chose .

after that, she came out .
the shirt looks great . (:
she hlped me ask bout the dress and the price is quite acceptable so i went tuhh try it on . :D

val said i looked like a princess . LOL . *BLUSH
i tried another colour on but the auntie and val said the gold one is nicer, so i bought the gold one . :DDD

the auntie was nice . she gave us each a handphone pouch which was actually meant ferr members (:

after that we walk an walk and walk . haha .
after that val went tuhh buy some ice cream .
it's green tea (:
we walked and eat on our way .
and guess what ? the wind was so big that it blew the ice cream tuhh val . LOL . hahaha
laugh my ass out . it was on her skirt and her leg . LOL .
as both of us don't hav a tissue, she asked a passer-by ferr one .
how nice it was if that guy was an american , that's what we thought . haha .

then we went tuhh some building . i don't knw what that building is called . we went ferr the toilet there tuhh clean up val's skirt and all that . u knw, the lift is damn cool . vry high class . it is round . and the iside is made of glass so that ppl can see the outside . and inside de air-con is sooo cool .

we went dwn . u knw one thing ? the lift is slow ... -.-"
we reached the 1st floor and 2 guys whom i think r waiters, are pusing a trolley into the lift .
val told me tuhh hlod the lift ferr them .
and one guy said, "thank you . what's ur name huh?"
and u knw what my cousin said ? "huh?"
they are gone already .

we went tuhh the bridge bt there were no americans . ):
and the pubs were not open yet so there's nth tuhh see .

val said she was hungry and i went "huh?"
bcos i'm not hungry .
so we went tuhh LIANG COURT
i told val that it's hers . haha .
cause her name's siew liang . LOL

val said they have a japanese restaurant bt u knw what ?
it already closed dwn already . -.-"
we went ferr mac instead .
we had nuggets, french fries and drinks .

and the val is so what . she always push the fries tuhh me when she can't finish .
we had two packets and she go pour all the fries together so i can hlp her finish up hers also .
T.T i am such a poor thing .

then it's about 7 already and we went tuhh the bridge again . on our way there, we saw many pubs opended already .
they are all ssssooooo COOL !
i saw one pub named " THE ARENA "
it's looks like what u always see on tv .
it's damn cool !
my aim is tuhh go there in the future . :D

that's all ferr this post of LAST FRI ! ;)

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