Wednesday, November 26, 2008


see that hair effect ? val made it . LOL .

nice right ? i told val tuhh take one . (:


so she prepared already . LOL .

i took this photo when she's not prepared . haha .

it's me under the christmas tree ! X)

mm mm ~ the wanton mee is nice ! not like what val say . she is simply too choosy . sshhh ~ don't tell her . haha .

val like to take people's ugly pics one . i avoid it quick enough . LOL .

well, it's quite interesting how she advertise that menu . hmm... a tiger . haha .

see ? this is how i call advertising . hehe ~

advertising again . haha .

i'm advertising too . LOL .

we're in my hse, btw .

i edited a little of this pic . that's why it's a little yellowish . LOL .

val's emo side .

woo ~ we're like modelling . LOL .

LOL . captured her "making-up look" . haha .

we took a lot of times and finally got it .

wo both had ice lemon tea (:

my YUMMY wan ton mee . X) (not like what val say loh . Xp)

ooo . her eating look .
this pinkish furry effect i created one lehh . nice right ? LOL .

see ? see ? i took it ferr her 1st . then i told her tuhh take it ferr me . LOL . (:

her sambal fried rice (:
i edited a little of this pic .

this pic is eerie . there's a shadow behind . do you see it ?
her true self shows a bad girl .

so we're modelling again . haha .
yeah . modelling . LOL .

she looks cool in this pic right ? haha .

she's advertising the shop where we bought our clothes . LOL .

look carefully . "Cherish" is the shop we bought clothes from . haha .

we're in the toilet again . toilet is the best place to take a pic isn't it ? LOL .
ohkay . listen here . so this is the realy story, unlike from what val's blog said . LOL . firstly, she slapped me i was taken aback . haha .
and then she slapped me again and i'm crying in pain .
so i was angry . she slapped me two times 1 so i slapped her real hard . see my face ? you know it . LOL .
and see ? she's very unhappy about it . so she blocked my view when i'm trying tuhh take my photo . that's the story . LOL .

woo ! finally upload finish le . this took me damn lots of time . so me and val went tuhh CLARKE QUAY again !
if you're gonna ask me, yeah, i'm addicted tuhh this place . LOL .
we went tuhh the shopping centre there, "CENTRAL" . :D
we went tuhh the shop which we bought our clothes last time the minute we got there immediately . the auntie said got clothes update mahh . yeah, so went tuhh check it out .
well, there are clothes update but most of them are dresses . the auntie said teenagers are having prom night at this time so they shipped dresses . -.-"
i had bought a dress ferr new year already . From the same place, to be exact . so i don't wanna buy another dress already . val's searching ferr jeans but they seldom sell jeans . we did try the clothes update though . val and me tried on the same type of clothes but different colour .
we haven't buy yet horr . plus val bought a shirt ferr her mum (:
then after that we go shop around the whole CENTRAL ferr more clothes . no buying still . zZZ
then we went tuhh a place tuhh have our hmm ... lunch or dinner ? LOL .
we were talking so funny there then . haha . val was soooo funny, i tell you . LOL . you really don't wanna know what we talked about . hahahaha !
after that we went tuhh CHINATOWN POINT . and val was crazy . she asked me whether i wanna have dessert . i was so full loh ! haha . there are really no our type of clothes there . well , we did try on something but not suitable ferr us .
after that we went tuhh LIANG COURT . rmb rmb ?? val's court . hahaha .
went there don't know do what one loh . my leg was like dying already . so guess what ? we went tuhh the toilet and sit on the toilet bowl ! LOL . and tell you something ... the toilet smell soooo SHITTY ! haha .
after that we went back tuhh the CENTRAL there . on the way there, got a lot of pubs mahh . then got one ang moh keep on looking at us can . seems like smiling at us . LOL .
when we got back tuhh CENTRAL, we went tuhh a show shop and i tell you . the boots there are really ... CHEAP ! i really gotta buy those . XDD
and then right there's an ang moh lao ah pek keep on looking at me then i jiiu keep on looking at him loh . LOL . then he smiled at me . LOL .
after that we walk and walk and we both think that we shouldn't go back empty handed . and we both agreed that the best one is the first one that we tried . hahaha
so we went back to buy that . LOL .
got a membership card . (:
ohkay , it was a fun day . and i'm awaiting ferr CHRISTMAS !!!!!! XDDDDD

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