Tuesday, December 02, 2008

me and adeline's terriyaki chicken set (:

sandy and xuewen's torikatsu set (:

our drinks (:

sandy and me :shot 1
shot 2
shot 3 (:

xuewen say we don't look very close . like we don't know each other .LOL .
so we took this photo . and i said, "close enough mahh?" hahaha !

adeline and me
this pic, we were laughing at sandy's botak-ness . hahaha .

the cliff that we were on .

this is the bottle that we contained the catfish that adeline caught with our help . haha .

i took this pic while they were trying to catch the catfish . haha .

there are small sea creature on the rock . adeline said they were slugs .

adeline is a boxer ! LOL .

sandy was teaching adeline how to pose like a boxer . haha .

xuewen told me to take this pic whereby she's drinking the water with catfish in it . she looks like she's being forced to it . LOL .

there's the catfish ! ^.^
our footprints . (:

our foot . haha .

sandy is scared of her botak-ness. LOL .

self timer . LOL .
self timer shot 2 (:
unprepared . haha .

this pic is funny . we were all laughing, can't concentrate on posing . LOL .
this is a late post alright . sorry . ytd i went to east coast park with xuewen, adeline and sandy . :DDDD
we met at je interchange . and sorry guys that i was late Xp
they were waiting for me in POPULAR .
so after we reached, we went for mac. they decided to cycle . and i'm not very good at cycling so i went"huh..." zZZ
then that xuewen laugh like mad .
this is the funny part . she also not very good in cycling and she's laughing at me . LOL .
ohkay, so we went cycling .
adeline offered to cycle with me on the couple bike .
and i tell you, it was sooo funny . we were laughing so crazily . i keep on missing the steps . haha . and there was this time when adeline laugh right, her saliva just went to my face ! hahaha .
we rest and cycle, rest and cycle . and btw, my slipper snapped because of cycling . haha . and adeline went bare footed because she lent me her slippers. LOL . thanks a lot, adeline (:
actually we decied to change the couple bike to single bike because of the spoilt stopper but the time is up . haha . so we went to the beach after cycling . it's very peaceful there (: we saw one tadpole like thingy in the water . and was shouting like crazy . hahaha . adeline wanna catch it . we found out that it was a catfish . adeline used a pair of plastic bags to catch it cause catfish can hurt you . she managed to catch it and we put it in the water bottle that the bicycle rental shop had given us . we even put weeds and sand for it . LOL .
after that we climb up the cliff to enjoy and talk and take photos . haha . our hair was like shit because of the big wind there . LOL .
adeline actually wanna keep that fish but we said that it's cruel to do so . teh catfish should be free. i told xuewen to throw the fish really far because the fish may swim to shore and don't know how to get back because of the big waves .
and when she threw it, the fish landed on the rocks ! OMG ! we was like screaming . the fish needs water man ! we tried several times to get it back into the water but no use . until sandy tried . success ! LOL . we had no choice but to throw it near the shore . wish the catfish good luck in swimmiing back into the deep part of the sea .
after that we went to eat in a korean and japanese restaurant . and then you know, adeline really can eat . we went to parkway and adeline is still searching for food . she had a sotong at OLD CHANG KEE . then we took a bus . we thought the bus was actually going to je interchange but ended up in clementi interchange . sandy's the culprit .
so we took mrt back to je . and we went to search for benches to have a talk .
it was really memorable .
went home and the end . (:

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