Wednesday, April 29, 2009

pics update of Lavis ! (:

yes, Lavis has got his one ear standing upright already :D

i hope his other ear will stand soon . (:

last saturday, my family and i brought Lavis to west coast park . my dad need to get his car repaired so we have to wait at west coast park for quite a long time . we ate breakfast at mac . oh f.y.i, pets are not allowed there even though we're at outside but not inside of mac . but luckily, no one told us off or anything . LOL .

after we had our breakfast, we put Lavis down on the pathway for a walk . he was so freaking happy . we ran, he ran . LOL . and everyone was like looking at us . and alomost everywhere we walked, we heard the same thing . "SO CUTE !!" and stuffs like that . haha .

there's a big field there and we saw a huge group of people playing frisbee . i think they came from a college or something . well at least they look like the age . haha . oh, and the most exciting part is that they've got a caucasian coach ! OMG ! at that point in time, i was asking my mom which school is that . LOL . cause it's way cool to have caucasians in your school . haha . i want that school !

so me and my dad spend some time taking Lavis for another walk with no leash, while my mom and sis are at rest . and obviously, our Lavis is a very very big star alright . there were these group of tourists, listenign to their guide for some kind of instructions . and Lavis saw their bags which are so attractive that he went there and smell it . -.- then you should know what happened next . these group of tourists was shrieking "cute cute ! " everywhere . argh .

and the most frustrating thing is that they wanted to take photos with that dog . they treated me like i was invisible . WTH . -.- then nvm, Lavis is so easily distracted alright . after they took photos with Lavis, Lavis was still attracted to their bags . :@

then i have to put on the leash again . ohkay, Lavis, so you don't want to be free huh ? fine . LOL .

so me and my dad brought Lavis beside the sea and just stayed there . and there's this group of girls from a particular school request us to lend thme our left footwear to them as they're completing some sort of a mission . so we lent them . as promised, they gave it back to us veyr quickly . and the funny thing is, they have got two groups and another group came to us . -.- but they only requested us to take our shoes off and that's it . haha .

and then, when we were on our way back to my mom an sis, we walked past this group of people . students again, i think . they're like also of the age of the people who's playing frisbee . that school is also real cool . i saw a lot of handsome ones in the group . LOL .

and the big group of students goes"OMG ! it's so cute !" LOL !

see what i mean now ?

ohkay . so afer that, our family was sitting on a bench and we put Lavis on the floor and evryone, including the dog was resting . towards us was a group of children with two adults . mind you, all caucasians . LOL . btw, the children are all girls . and i notice they kept looking at our way because of the dog . they're so into it . after awhile, this woman who's together with the group of girls, cam over to us and was asking whether we could borrow her the dog to the girls . and i'm telling you, not one of my family members understand a word she's saying because of her UK accent . LOL ! i can't believe i'm the only one who understands . hahaha !
so i walked over to the group of girls with Lavis and they were like so excited . i think the woman and the guy who's together with the group of children are their teachers or something . the girls' eyes are deadly gorgeous . i can hardly believe that someone have eyes like that . envious alright .
overall, it's a really really great day because it's full of caucasians . LOL !

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