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My Stay in Orange Hotel - Taichung

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hope everyone enjoyed their Chinese New Year! Bet a lot of you are spent it overseas, huh?
My family and I got back from Taiwan right before Chinese New Year. Can't be missing out on the angbaos, right. Haha, I kid. *or not

It was our 2nd time in Taiwan and this time, we got to visit parts of Taiwan we did not get to the last time. I was dying to visit Cingjing Farm since my first trip to Taiwan and I just couldn't miss it this time. So, we included a 2 night stay in Taichung as part of our itinerary.

I would like to thank Orange Hotel - Park and Omy Blog Club for providing a sponsored accommodation for my 2 nights in Taichung!

Image from

Image from

The hotel is located right opposite of a beautiful park (Taichung Park) and is only approximately 10 mins away from Taichung railway station. If it happens that your driver is not familiar with Orange Hotel, i'm sure telling him/her about the park would help!
I think it also serves as a great spot to explore if you're ever free for a short time near the hotel.

I would like to commend on how polite and friendly the staffs were! We were greeted with smiles when we arrived. It really made me feel homely.

The toilet and shower are separated with the sink right outside by the corridor. Both are pretty small. However, in its defense, it took me by surprise at how spacious the room was especially after having stayed at the ones in Kaohsiung and Tainan before this. And guess what? There was an amazing view of the park outside the window too!

It looked pretty even at night, especially with the street lamps and lights. In fact, I thought it was a resort. Haha, not kidding.

Boy, am I glad they provided us with hairdryer because we do shower late at night what with all the late night shopping and eating. Lol.

You'd think that's enough surprises for one day. But nope! I was astonished when the staff told us about their mini fruits/snacks corner they set up everyday and that we are welcomed to head to the dining area to enjoy it! They have 2 sessions each day as stated above.

Pretty impressive value-added service, I'd say. They not only have fruits and biscuits, but also tea eggs as well as sandwiches.
If you're planning to head out late or if you fall sick, not having an appetite or planning to stay in, you'd be able to grab a few bites conveniently.

There are a few Orange hotels in different parts of Taiwan. If you're not heading to Taichung, I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to find a Orange Hotel wherever you're going! ;)

Thank you for reading,
Cheryl x

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