Saturday, April 18, 2009

everyone ! i'm 17 ! :D
LOL . i'm sorry i didn't post on my b'day .

i'd like to list down everyone whom i'd like to thank on my b'day .

-monkey val . thank you for your birthday present and wishes . :D
-sandy, adeline, xinyi . thank you for celebrating my b'day on tues and your presents . :D
-xuewen . thank you for your present and wishes :D
-xuehua . thank you for your wishes :D
-lovelove . thank you for your presents and wishes :D
-kenrick, the person who first loved me which was in kindergarten ! LOL ! thank you for your wishes.(did i smell jealousy from lovelove ?) hahaha .
-my class . thank you for singing a birthday song for me . :D

thank you everyone ! <3

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