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Going Ash with Live Hair Studio

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Those who know me or have seen my pictures would know how much of an "expert" I am in making my hair look and feel smooth and pretty. Truth be told, I don't go to salons often and I don't do my daily trimming of hair ends often either. That's probably partly the reason why.

I mean, the first time I had my hair dyed, I did it myself and it was a bad job done. I learnt that 1 bottle was not enough for me. Haha.
Between me and you, the end result was the top part of my head being brighter than the rest of my hair.. 
*pictures taken after my black roots decided to join in the fun which made my hair look a lot worse

BUT. I am stepping up my game and finally doing what I have always wanted ever since I know of its existence. Thank you LIVE HAIR STUDIO for the opportunity!


Yes, that's right. It has always been a dream mainly because of how my actual grey hairs would be less obvious when they grow. Hahaha. And also because ombre/balayage grey hair looks so edgy! But we decided on ash grey/blue because I was only bleaching my hair once.

Prior to starting, Anson, the senior hair stylist. gave me a brief description on the process and treatment he'll be doing on my hair. 


A treatment which he did after he bleached my hair. I was told that this treatment actually minimizes the damage of dyeing your hair.

In summary, Opalex allows the hair to restore the strength, structure and integrity of the hair before, during and after hair services.

OPLALEX as an add-on service for:
1) Hair Colouring
-For a longer lasting colour with more vibrancy

2) Bleaching
- Dramatically eliminates breakage

3) Re-bonding
- Restores strength, structure & integrity of the hair

4) Hot & Cold Perm
- Improves elasticity with strong bouncy curls

I mean, I was already prepared to get my hair somewhat damaged from the bleaching/dyeing but after he explained to me about how it causes less damage with Opalex, I couldn't help but feel a little relieved somehow. 

Anson started off by bleaching the bottom parts of my hair. After which, I got to experience the magic Opalex can do.

Just look at how smooth and manageable my hair looks after bleaching probably thanks to the Opalex treatment! 
By the way, I totally shocked myself and my dad with my bleached hair (he thought I was dyeing my hair golden haha)

Got to fix my bad hair dye job next! The colours were on. 

You must be thinking what happened. How does my hair look SO perfectly smooth and straight after dyeing. I'm surprised myself. I would refer my hair as "perfect" and that has never happened before. Serious stuff.

Anson did another amazing treatment (even better than Opalex) on my hair after dyeing it, called MUCOTA.

Don't wanna bore you with the technological stuff but basically, what MUCOTA does is:
-repair damaged hair and strengthen hair surfaces
-resulting in shiny and healthy hair which has a light and soft texture and 
-is more resilient to external damages (aka my hair after MUCOTA treatment).

It really did what it said it would! 

One week after, I suppose the ash grey is not that obvious given I only bleach once but I am still pretty happy with my current hair colour! Occasionally, it looks green!

Hair styled by LIVE HAIR STUDIO -

Quote my name, "CHERYL" to receive a discount of 30% off chemical services at LIVE HAIR STUDIO.

Live Hair Studio
14 Scotts Road 
Far East Plaza, #03-12
Singapore 228213
Telephone: 67344478

Thank you for reading,
Cheryl x

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  1. You look so great in your new look, I also tried a hundred time to Dye my hair by myself some turns out great some are disaster,LOL I also wanted to get a hair ombre in ash color. ^^

    1. Thank you so much!! And you should. Bet it'd look great on you :D


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