Dewy Lips in Rosy Pink

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Actually here for a beauty review on an awesome product I talked about in my last post. Recall on how I was raving about this Rosy Pink Moisture Dew that was featured on the beauty show?

You'd probably be doing the same after this post, just sayin'. This dew is made of natural ingredients and can be used for areas like your lips, your nipple area and even your "private parts" to give them a sheer pink tint.  

Pleasant. I am obsessed with how it really smells like roses. I guess I shouldn't be surprised seeing that it is made with ingredients like rose essential oil. 

I was slightly surprised when I saw that it has a roller-ball applicator. You don't see this often for a product that's for the lips. But it made applying the dew on my lips really fuss-free and I suppose if you wanna use it for your nipple area or "private part", it would be more convenient as well. 

Wow. It's liquidy, just like water. Not thick nor sticky at all. Sure it feels a little bit like gloss when I first applied on my lips... But after it dries, it didn't feel like I had anything on at all. 
It dried off making my lips look dewy and moisturized with a healthy pink tint finish.

I am really loving this dew like I thought I would. It is ideal for when i'm in a rush and need to get some colour on my lips to avoid looking dull. And also, when the weather is as hot as Singapore, the lips can't help but crack, this can come in handy. 

If you would like to find out more about this product, you may visit here.
Otherwise, if you would like to look at more products that Beauty Keeper carries, you may visit their website at

Thank you for reading!
Cheryl x

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