Friday, April 24, 2009

hey guys . i know i know, i've not been posting for quite a lot of days now . and i'm sorry about that . really .

anyway, today school as usual . after school, i went home to get changed to go out with lovelove later on . ohkay, my dog has actually shitted with blood for the 4th time, i think . i'm freaking worried . it's must be so pain for him in the butt . i feel sorry for him . hope he'll feel better soon . i know i'm very random ohkay . sorry .

so, i went out with lovelove to jp . went to eat bentendo . you know, after that, we have to pay the bill and all that . i can't believe i entrusted this task to lovelove . you will not believe what she'd done . the total is actually already counted there . and we both ate lunch set with the same price . and do you know what she did ? she counted the food one by one and devide by two . and for the service charge, she also did the same thing . LOL ! you know, things are really very simple but she make things so compicated . so lovelove, you know how your mind works now . LOL . you just have to use the total and divide by two . LOL .

end of story . bye ! :D

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