Saturday, January 30, 2010


blogging with nothing special on my mind to blog about so i guess it is going to be a boring one . don't blame me on that . just feel like blogging . *shrugs* hold it hold it . maybe i DO have something to blog about today ..

so what's the title ? hmm .. got it .

HUH ??

interesting title huh . i know i know . i am so proud of myself . and thanks for the applause . bet it got you all thinking what this post would be about . nice ..

so today i went to SHENG SHIONG today . *some of you must be laughing - i just know it -.-
anyway, for those of you who don't know what it is, it's a supermarket . and if you don't know what those people are laughing about .. you should not ask because .. idk why .

i saw something which caught my attention . two things, to be exact . no, three actually . one's not important so yeah, two will do fine . UGH, i'm sucking here .

straight to the point . what did i see ? THIS .

yes, you go "HUH ??" let me explain . look carefully at what's written there . EGG BORO (this is fine) but what's bracketed ? BABY BALL ????! can anybody tell me wth is baby ball ??? now you go "HUH ??" again . this time, a loud one . yes, you're doing good . BABY BALL really got me laughing . LOL . i must admit, hmm .. a cute name, though . HAHAHA .

another thing i saw was this .

oh well, you must be asking me what is this . i could say a very disgusting sea creature if you ask me . IT WAS MOVING . MOVING IN A VERY DISGUSTING WAY . and tbh, IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE LAVIS' PENIS !! not trying to sound like a perv or anything but seriously, it looks exactly like it ! i hereby, says sorry to all of you for not being pervy enough to take a pic of Lavis' penis to show you . :S

quoting : "it was moving"
ahhh, this just reminds me of a good video i have to show all of you . you won't regret clicking on the Play button, trust me on that . he's my idol, what have you gotta say ?

you must have hella a laugh ! told you you won't regret it !

wondering what i'm up to tomorrow ? going to Malaysia . await my next post because i'm SURE i have loads to blog about . just you wait . (:

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