Tuesday, January 12, 2010


the releasing of 'O' Level results was yesterday . I WAS LATE . yes, everybody - I WAS LATE . you must be thinking, "how can you be late at this kind of occassion ?" i was surprised myself . i have, however, a valid reason . and that is, i'm kind .
hmm .. maybe i should bring you to the battle field of debating .

how are you being kind got to do with this ? and . how are you sure that you're kind ? one doesn't compliment him/herself .

ohkay, then . i'll leave it for you and everyone else who's reading (listening) to decide . my friend dyed her hair and was suppose to dye back in order for her to get her results so she asked me if i could help . i agreed . she said she'd be here by 1.15pm . (we were to reach school by 2pm) . the next day, she texted me, telling me that she's only reaching at 1.44pm (i give the -.- face) . then she said we're not going to be late . uh .. yes, exactly my point .
WARNING . i'm going to start acting like i know maths very well . and i mean super duper well . like excellent .
how are you going to arrive in time when you reach my house at 1.55pm and want me to spray your hair black and run to school after that when it usually takes 10-15mins walk from my house to school ? -.-

... (that's true)

*jumps up* yes !

there you go . such a kind soul like me ... (play "my heart will go on" whilst imagining me saying my line with eyes closed and hands on my chest) ohkay, weird .

well luckily the lady's still talking about choosing courses and blah blah blah when we got there .
let's skip till the getting of results part . because you don't want to hear what she said, what the principal said, what the vice principal said and stuff . you know you don't . it can go on forever *eyes roll*
what you want to know are my results so you can go on laughing about it . oh, you bad evil, you . :@

people cry, smile, jump up and down, commit suicide when they got their results . *ohkay, maybe not the last part . oops .
what surprised me was that i did not cry . omg, I DID NOT CRY . i went out of the hall with a smile on my face ?! (excuse me, my results are not good, i'm telling you)
sad to say that i did not manage to keep it up for long . and it's my dad's fault . truely, honestly, sincerely[?] his fault ! not going to tell you why because idk the reason myself .
i know i know, you must be asking how is that possible ?

what had stirred me to write this was what he said and what everybody said when he/she is consoling or comforting someone who's crying .
what would their usual line be ?
-don't cry .
yes ! exactly ! you know you're nodding and agreeing with me .
and ladies and gentlemen out there . *looks up* or boys and girls *looks up again* or old man and old women [?]
HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO CONTROL OUR TEARS ?! we can't !! well idk maybe if you could fix something inside the human body .. science . UGH .
back to topic . you know in the mean time, we can't control our tears . so use a better line already because this line's definitely not working anymore . -.-

current status: brain's exploding due to cannot-make-up-my-mind-what-course-to-choose

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