Jealousy; Curiosity

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


it's seldom i start blogging this late . 9.17pm now . my feeling sucks . reason why i'm blogging this late is because i'm wondering if i should blog about it . should i let you guys know i'm weird ? but after deep thinking ... i realise i'm not weird at all to feel this way . you will be the one who's weird if you don't feel the same way, yes .

Jealousy KILLS .
Curiosty KILLS the cat .

Jealousy and Curiosty are made up by 8 words for a reason . they have something in common in this way . and this common thing - you will never ever realise it until it is too late . so you'd probably know by now why i know ..
*those who are laughing are MEAN >:(

i am not sure whether anyone of you have been through this but it's pain . really pain . ohkay .. i know this post is getting all emo and stuff but how the way i feel .
overall, this curiosty links to this jealousy in my story . obviously, my personal story and it's a long one .

TRY BEING IN MY SHOES . (fyi, i sort of summarised the story a lil)
-you like a guy named A
-you have a girlfriend whom you get along very well with and who knows A . not very well but enough to say a hello .
-this girlfriend of yours like A and you know it . this girl didn't know you like A, though .

and because of curiosity ..............................................

-this girlfriend and guy A got to know each other well enough to go to a party together
-you cannot do anything about it (for some reason, don't ask)
-your girlfriend thanked you for pulling them together ?! (you still like that guy)
-they went for a walk in the park during the weekend (you still like that guy)
-that girl is still your friend

let me ask you . can you control not feeling hurt when you hear things(romantic sweet things) from your girlfriend abou her and the guy YOU like ? if you can, you are weird . or maybe not too into that guy, idk . whatever that reason is .

you will be so fucking ridiculously jealous . that's when Jealousy comes in .

WARNING : I MAY PROBABLY SOUND LIKE A BITCH THE LATER PART . so if you want to leave, you are allowed to do so .

now i ask myself, what is wrong with me ? i have this another guy B i can like and he likes me(we're not officially together) but why am i still caring about guy A together with this girlfriend of mine ? that's when i found out that nothing is wrong with me(i think) .
maybe i can accept that guy A is together with another girl whom idk . but i just CANNOT accept the fact that it's my girlfriend . and i cannot accept the fact that I am the one who pulled them together .

you must be saying i should be happy for them blah blah blah but that's really a shitty way to think because i know because i tried . *and failed . *whimper*
and ! please don't tell me it's fate . it's not going to make me feel better, really . FATE - lame excuse .

"funny how things turned out"
"i have you to thank"

you don't want to accept it .. and you can't ..

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  1. crushes and infatuations are the perfect phrases for this =P


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