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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


have you heard that the mind controls everything ? you must be thinking, is that true ? you'd probably not believe because you haven't experience the thing on your own . you see it on tv, heard it from people and everything . but of course, it would only be BELIEVABLE if you experience it ON YOUR OWN .

so yeah . must be wondering why this post is kinda creepy . haha . well, yesterday, i just realised that what THEY say is true afterall . and of course, i wouldn't dare to say it's true if i haven't experienced it on my own, really . god, you won't believe what happened yeterday . i was having lunch with my mum and sister (dad was at work) . we had this fish and i didn't realise i ate a fishbone by accident . my throat was killing me . you must be thinking water could help . BUT NO !

i tried water . it doesn't work . i tried the ladies finger the sticky thing you know . i don't want to make it sound gross but i have to say sticky because i know you won't know what i'm talking about . so, STICKY THING shall be it . *actually, i don't find it gross because i like lady's finger . i know a lot of you don't . so don't comment on me liking it please .

anyway, it's really of no use at all !! and then my sister suggested one method . she saw it from TV she says . a guy swallowed a hot dog ??!!!

the mind . the mind was doing the trick . all he has to do was to think that his throst was big . just like that . i know you still can't believe but don't forget - i was in a tough situation
(fishbone in throat alert)

well i have to give it a go although i don't really believe but to my surprsie, it works ! yes, you haven't heard wrongly !
well if you still don't believe, try it yourself !
*i'm not telling you to eat a fishbone on purpose

so i guess this concludes that the mind does control everything . well not everything . i'd add IN YOUR BODY to the sentence because that's what i've seen so far .

i know my posts have been lacking of pics so yesterday, i took a pic with one of my australian friend . on cam . LOL . seriously, i have to say, i had a hard time persuading him to pose this for me . you can probably imagine why . haha .

sorry it's blur you cannot see his handsome face . LOL

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