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Monday, February 01, 2010


everyone must be really excited to hear about my trip to Malaysia !! and yes, you're so right . i have lots to complain about .
firstly, let me talk about the first place we arrive at to have our breakfast . we had YONG TAU FOO (this link is for those who don't know what it is . see, i'm sooo nice)

hmm .. you can say i'm not VERY mad at this but i am a little . i mean, there is no reason that they would make this kind of mistake ! so why did they ?! they cooked one at a time so seriously, i don't see any reason for them to make this kind of mistake . i shall post up my bowl of yong tau foo first before continuing .

with my favourite lady's finger :D

haven't finish complaining . don't ever think that smiley face up there is going to stop me . the main point . what did they do ? SOME OF MY FOOD ENDED UP IN MY SISTER'S BOWL AND SOME OF HER FOOD ENDED UP IN MINE . how can they make such a mistake when they cook one by one ? can somebody tell me how ? UGH . really, totally doesn't make sense .

and well before the food arrived, valerie and i ordered sugar cane juice and decided to share . i was shocked to see that they came like this .

-.- when i ordered, i even said i want lemon in it and she said she don't have lemon but lime . so i said ohkay, lime . and then this ? how do you have lime in this ?

and for those who never had sugarcane juice before, i was expecting this .

this is what it is supposed to look like . right guys ?(those who know of course)
you know what ? worse still, it tastes HORRIBLE . nothing like sugarcane juice AT ALL .

pics taken while we were waiting for our food ! there's a candid shot so don't laugh if you see the unglam side of me please .

as usual, you see the usual me . CAMWHORING . by myself . not like the girl who's up next .

yes yes ! this one ! who wants people to help her to camwhore . -.- LOLOLOL .

and this was the candid shot ...

unglam, unglam .

and well after breakfast, we got on the van and took a really weird and weird video (no, i didn't make a mistake by typing 2 weirds) .

and you are gonna know why .

there . must be asking what i'm doing . uh .. just shooting a video out of boredness . LOL .
and then when we got off the van later after a loooonng ride ....

another video again ! LOL .

yes, we were like shooting videos most of the time to keep ourselves entertained . if you have a problem with it, i wouldn't miss you when you click the x button at the upper right hand corner . *i'm lying .

actually there was another video taken there but i think this Valerie lost it somehow -.- so we went to this place(as shown above) where they sell titbits . CNY(chinese new year) tidbits .

i was walking inside when i found something funny and take a pic down .

if you're asking me what's so funny, then ima LMAO, LOL and ROFL .
because nobody can tell me how you COOK cookies . you can only bake, duh .

and before we leave, my mum saw that they sell tea eggs just by the entrance . she wanted 4 of them .

and EACH egg is put in .....
A plastic bag like this . GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE !!

and that plastic bag is without the holes where you can out your hand in and carry as a carrier . -. so inconsiderate -.-

alright ! so off we go to another destination !
while on the way .. yes you guessed it . ohkay, this game is getting boring . took a video, right . i was stuttering a lot in this idk why . LOL

and after we got off the van, video again !! you'd most probably know why i took so much time posting this because we took way too many videos . haha . well at least i'm not lazy to not post them because i know you will be curious . you see how nice i am so you'd better appreciate it !!

THESE 2 VIDEOS ARE LIKE WHAT WE CALL TOUR VIDEOS . so i think this is especially for foreigners (:

i'm a bad tour guide . need practice .

enough of videos, now pics !

there are actually lots of numbers written on the shell of both of the tortoise but it's not very clear in this pic . and for people who don't know what those number are for - people try their luck by betting on numbers .

and then of course you can't miss my camwhoring moments again ..

my sister said she like the effect of the pic taken there ?

uh ... sis ? i don't see anything special ?

and then after this, off to another destination . you can never guess that the next destination would be another temple again ! UGH .

did take some pics there instead of videos .

how can you miss me camwhoring AGAIN ? ohkay, this is definitely not me acting cute . the sun was strong . honest . i just fucking LOVE this one . :D

oh and my dad's so funny when he saw something funny and weird . (ohkay, this came out wrong but whatever)
take a look at this shbfsakfnask(this is what i'm naming it randomly because i like it) :

wtf is this ???? my dad called it THE BLACK PINEAPPLE . HAHAHA !!

after this ................... it's freaking ridiculous . ANOTHER TEMPLE AGAIN !
this time, the adults got off and we chose to stay in the van .

haha . and of course, boring so another video again . ohkay, i'm posting it on youtube but not here . i've been using more than a week to post this and this video is kinda boring so i'm not putting it here . but if you wanna see, you can link it to there somehow with the videos i uploaded up there .

we went to this place where they sell tidbits again . well it's not quite bad . but seriously, isn't there anywhere else to go besides these places ? Malaysia is big, come on . and what we get are only .... zZZ my mum bought quite a lot of tidbits there and they gave us a free gift for that .
it's a PINK CUTE CONTAINER . i love it so much ^-^

you will too !


see, i told you you would love it . isn't it lovable !

an after this, finally it's shopping time . well it's all that good blah blah blah but wait till you hear this . uh .. 30 mins of shopping ?
you go, "WTH IS THIS ???"
you have no idea how we have to rush like mad dogs ! who the hell shops in 30mins without knowing exactly what to buy ? come on, we don't go there for grocery shopping ohkay zZZ
30 mins and the driver wants us to meet him at where he parked the van . this is freaking NOT shopping . it's ... taking a walk at the mall . who does that ?

leaving the mall and off we go to have our dinner in a restaurant . it's a fraking long journey s w actually took videos . and well wehad laugh with those . ohkay, i'm now going to say that it's going to take a really long time for me to upload those videos on youtube and then post it here so i'm going to post it another time sine i know you guys have been waiting for a long time or this post already . (which i am very sorry about)

arriving at our destination - restaurant, guess what's in for us ? damn it's like a elderly gathering -.- there's even a stage for people to sing oldies on . i took a shot of this woman who was the first to sing when we went inside .

look at that stupid hand ? Valerie's . :p

we actually took a video but that Valerie deleted it . she deleted loads of them zZZ
the food there was ohkay . nothing special .

on our way back, videos too . promise i would post them up after i finish uploading them (:


and i did not edit them because i know you have been waiting long and i don't want to make it longer . so appreciate it !! LOL

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