A New Year

Monday, January 04, 2010


happy new year, everyone ! a new year, a new start . have you guys think of what's up for you in 2010 ? what are your goals, dreams, etc ? are you going to achieve them this year ?

1) i'm going to get back my 'O' Level results . omg, just 4 more days . am i abnormal to get nervous NOW ? hmm .. what if my results aren't good ? i won't have the chance to get into the course i want . and what does that mean ? learning something i dont want to for 3 years and it's gonna be hell for me . duh . god, i don't want that .
*yeah, i know, tryng to cheat myself here .

2) My Birthday ! omg omg omg !! i'd be 18 . not old ohkay, the word's MATURE . MATURE . and i'm going to aim for the clubs once i turned 18 . 16th april , 16th april . about 3 more months :D:D

3) i'm guessing i'd go to poly once i got back my results . going to be 3 stress years ahead . more pimples ? or maybe more white streaks of hair ? UGH . can't imagine .

anyway, now, for my plans and goals and targets . whatever .

1) go clubbing on 16th april . yes, i'm reiterating . I AM GOING CLUBBING ONCE I TURNED 18 .
ps : i bought clothes for this day around the starting of last year and have been waiting for it to come . see, i'm this excited .

2)work to gain experience . well i did find a part time job at clarke quay but the person only calls when they need people . so far, they don't and it's shit . -.-

3) get into Singapore Poly after getting my O level results . and hopefully get into either International Business, Psychology, or Tourism Management

4) save money to go to the UK . ugh, yes .. i know i've been doing that for like don't know how long already and i'm still doing it . bear with me . :p

5) know more caucasians !! :D no need to elaborate more or else this post is never going to end .

6) get Lavis to go learn swimming . no, every dog knows how to swim . so i should just BRING him to go swimming, yes .

7) finish sending all the letters to my penpals . omg, i owe so many of them letters . >.<

8) manage finish playing Harvest Moon: Innocent Life on psp . *don't say i'm lame . you know it's cute .

9) mum to stop nagging that much . (which is not going to happen, sadly)

10) dad to go to the dentist to fix his teeth so he'll be omg-a-handsome-daddy and also, i can go fix mine . (:

11) start making videos on yuotube, i guess ? because i love shane dawson !!

12) finish reading all of my novels . hmm ... if i can stop myself from buying more . for all who don't know, i'm a romantic novel FREAK . ohkay run run, run away if you like, i don't fucking care . *squeak, i do

13) come up with more ideas to blog about to keep all of you entertained :D

14) buy ideal clothes, shoes and accessories for chinese new year and hopefully to shine through it . duh .

15) get more pretty . hmm .. this is every year's wish, i suppose .

16) learn driving ! excited, excited . *clasp hand and rubs .
hmm .. probably private lessons since mum said it's better ?

what about you guys ? (:

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