Friday, January 08, 2010


omg omg omg . you have no idea ! no idea how much i hate leeks !! >.< *help me

i am writing this post, half suffocated in the leek smelling air . better finish it before i die . do you have any idea how .. how .. smelly, awful, intolerable and [whatever horrible words you can think of] the smell is ?! i can't stand it, seriously .

EVERYONE, let me ask you, have you ever had LEEK SOUP ? LEEK SOUP ? i have never EVER heard of this . and today, i found how powerful it is . *still killing me with its smell *eyes rolling*
how can anyone ever invent this ?
ohkay, whoever invented it - are you crazy ? out of your mind ? a maniac ? want to taste something horrible ? oh, maybe want to commit suicide ? *ps: most probably the last one . hmm ..

alright . i should probably tell you why the whole house is filled with the leek smell now . my mum have to have this soup . well, that's what the doctor said . so no way you could disobey doctor . *and that's shit . -.-
so i, this VERY GOOD DAUGHTER, help cook it . mind you, i have to stand the fucking leek smell and it's SO bad you don't want to try .
i just have to show how disgusting it is by just the looks . so i took pics . uh .. ENJOY ?? *vomits*
STEP 1) wash all the leeks ONE BY ONE because there are lots of sand (honest) *so you can imagine how hardworking i was .

STEP 2) pour about 2.5 to 3 litres of water inside .
you notice i was using the F&N apple juice bottle . it's 1.5 litres . guess what ? i have about 7-10 bottles of it for free . not that i stole it or anything . it's a weird incident . my family was out shopping in the supermarket and this caucasian couple came out from the supermarket with all these F&N and asked us if we wanted it . they said it's free ?? how weird is that .

STEP 3)boil it for around more than an hour .

and after that, don't you worry . leek smell will be all over your house ! *like what i'm experiencing now . *eyes rolling again*

seriously, don't judge me as a vegetable hater or anything like that . in fact, i'm a vegetable lover(excluding leeks) . just the leeks, they are really ... EEWWW ??
maybe i should list down all the vegetables i like that i can think of .
-bitter gourd
*yes, EVEN the bitter gourd
etc .

maybe i should tell you . i hate leeks . i really cannot cannot force myself to take leeks . SERIOUS . because once i taste leek, i'll vomit . I SWEAR . everytime !
so, no leeks, thank you .


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