Wednesday, January 06, 2010


it's shit, total shit . this place deserves both thumbs down . famous university having such lousy facilities is just not right . i have to voice it out !

*smoke comes out from ears

must be wondering why i'm so angry huh ? i can't believe this famous and known-to-be-good university offers this kind of lousy facility, really . this morning my family went to NUS because dad is going to get his teeth fixed . yay ! meaning my target 10 is going to be achieved :D

back to topic . of course, we have to have the car parked in a parking lot right ? and let me tell you, this is what angered me . how can there not be enough parking lots for visitors ???!! i can tell you . there are hella lot of parking lots for season holders . EVERYWHERE ! obviously, they don't spare a thought for visitors -.-

staffs are more important is it ?! is it ?! what's the point of having so many staffs when you don't have so many visitors(you thought) anyway ??

this time, loads of questions popped out of nowhere .

1) how can people say NUS is good ?

2) how can visitors reach the place on time if they have an appointment ? (we didn't) *which is impossible OBVIOUSLY

3) should i write a complain letter ? *at this point i realise i shouldn't because i don't want to be a typical singaporean . but i did it on here anyway . LOL

4)how come they need so many staffs since they thought they have so little visitors ?

can anybody answer ? no . *i like to answer my own question . you have any problem with that ? omg, i sounded just like NIGAHIGA
ohkay, so, over with this . after i swallow this temper, another thing makes me spit it out again . my mum and i was waiting in the car having our car parked at the side of the road since we have no choice after driving the car all around NUS only to find car parks which are not full for the season holders .
this is the angry part . a malay guy on motorbike told us we cannot park there. no, wait, SHOUT at us, to be exact . my mum was like telling me just a while . guess what ? he called the police ?! see, that's what i don't want to be . TYPICAL . and then what ? the police came and my mum was argueing with them telling them we can't and parking lot . WHICH IS TRUE ! DUH ! *so, you go mum ! yeah !
and happy enough, police gone speechless and ended up saying, "i'm sorry mam, but you have to move your car or else we'll take action . but oh well, I AM VERY MUCH HAPPY WIH THAT . *don't say i'm bad because you know you'd react the same way, for god's sake .

no choice but to go back to the place where visitors should suppose to park but THERE AIN'T ENOUGH PARKING LOTS FOR THEM ! we have to wait at the wheel clamp area you know ! you know ! we have to look out for PEOPLE and PARKING LOTS . -.- fyi, it is hot . the weather is fucking hot ohkay ! i really am frustrated at that point in time . but you can never ever guess there is a much more intolerable thing that happened .
ohkay, this car who just came inside this car park(which we were in already), just went straight and parked the parking lot right beside us ! hello, uncle, are you blind or what ? i mean, everyone knows cars which are waiting near the parking lot is suppose to HAVE the parking lot !!

well overall, it all goes back to NUS not having enough parking lots for visitors ! please !!! IMPROVE YOUR FACILITIES ! argh .

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