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Monday, December 28, 2009


so yeah, now i'm finally here for the christmas special post . took me quite a while, didn't it . LOL . sorry about that . i've been pretty busy, surprisingly - so i did do something on christmas afterall :D

24th december
on christmas eve, i went to orchard, trying to take as as many christmas decorations as possible for you guys to see . *look how good i am .
well, can't possibly go by myself right . so, with the accompany of a couple - valerie and her bf . oops, forgot a sweet . yes, sweet couple . and seriously, SWEET .
i know i know, i'm a god damn bright gooseberry there, but it's christmas ! brighter light is good . *shut up, try to think of it this way .
for the first part anyway . zZZ we went to meet up with cleo(working there) and then also accompany her to wait for her bf . you guess it ! i'm a lot more brighter after her bf arrived. god, somehow, i'm tired of this single life .
*give me a bf for christmas, santa . -.-

anyway, after we went to orchard, we also went to clarke quay . just val, her bf and me . hey, this time was not me . val wanted to shop for clothes there . i'm innocent . :p
the pics ! enjoy ;)

pretty cute ball, isn't it ? ;D this one's not taken by me . the main focus are the gold balls behind . LOL .

ohkay, this pic . it was pretty funny when i was trying to shoot it . because santa was turning 360 degrees around so i had to wait or him to turn my way . hahaha .

this was taken inside th shopping centre so that tells you wh there are so many "linings" . i agree that this christmas tree is VERY fake .

a romantic scene, isn't it ? aww ~ *don't malign me . i have no intention of shooting them . it's just coincidence .

shucks ! this guys is not not not suppose to be here ! :S the decorations are the main point ! somehow, i just feel like people like to be the centre of attention during christmas . don't you think so ?

fyi, this is a WALKING christmas tree ! don't believe ? check out the next pic .notice the different backgrounds ? i'm not sooo good at editting ohkay . and don't ever ever think that we're that strong to move a christmas tree to another place .
gorgeous christmas tree huh :D taken at clarke quay .

well actually the ones taken in orchard aren't that good because i'd much prefer to take them at night . you know, the lightings, but oh well . *tip: use your imagination

ohkay ! all of the christmas decorations pictures taken on that day are all up . are you ready for what this camwhore is to give you ? *if no, don't scroll . you won't be able to take it . trust me .

yes ! we get to take a pic with santa claus ! (i edited the pic LOL .)

don't we look like we're in Disneyland ? LOL . anyway, this is shot 1 .

this is shot 2 . and i look super unglam . omg . val said she's not prepared for the 1st shot but she looked ohkay in that one, duh . -.- and i look horrible in this one . i was like telling the panda, "one more, one more." and when i'm telling him, idk where to look at ! so i ended up talking to his whole head . zZZ

ohkay, i suddenly realise there are way to many pics to upload . so i'll just upload a few :p

i look fucking extra in this pic ! i think i should crop a lil and edit it a lil ...
and ...
there you go !
the perfect sweet couple ! ;D

how can pics not include candid shots ? LOL . a couple of them here .
super candid . LOL .

25th december
well this day isn't so exciting actually . haha . i hung out with my family to IMM to have breakfast, no, lunch at this place called STREETS CAFE . i find this name of a drink superb-ly attractive . so i ordered it .
and this drink not only sounds good, looks good as well . HOLD YOUR HORSES ! I HAVEN'T FINISH . i'll show you the pic of it first .looks nice, doesn't it ? but wait, guess what i tastes like ?
F&N CHERRY. -.- *i know i know . shucks .

well, at least the food didn't disappoint me . i introduce you ... the bacon roll !! :D

well i suppose this food is pretty common but for those who don't know, i love this ! ^.^ love the asparagus especially . well if you put the bacon roll here in comparison with the ones from japan, big difference .

the dish up next is definitely an awesome one, i'd say .
pumpkin fries !

ohkay, this is the most awesome-mest fries i have ever had . you gotta try it ! ;)

next, christmas decorations at IMM !

come to think of it, the christmas trees there are all the same colour . LOL .

26th december
well actually we decided to go to this fancy restaurant to celebrate christmas and also, watch a movie but due to my dad - he's busy working and working -, the movie tickets are sold out . TOO LATE, yes . and the restaurant, we were trying to book for a table but too late as well . zZZ . so, no comments on this day .

27th december
christmas celebration postponed to this day . (: we got a table in the restarant at 6pm . THE RESTAURANT IS FAB . remember - O' Leary's(restaurant name) . omg omg omg . fabulous, awesome, greatest ever . *ohkay, maybe because i haven't been to much restaurants so that's why i think this restaurant is really FAB ? whatever, but it is fab .
i'll show you a few pics of it . (:

this is where the bands will perform . it's kinda sad i don't get to hear them . it's so caucasian-nish and i didn't get to experience it . crap .

this is how it looks like on the outside .

and and WOW . the FOOD . is this what you've been waiting for ?
this was what mum and dad had .
obviously beef .
and me, i had ... salmon !! yum !
my sister had this .
doesn't look very appetizing, i know . she was having a hard time eating this . LOL .
btw, O' Leary's located near the Singapore Flyer . (:

after dinner, we went to watch a movie . finally we got seats . guess what ? just nice, left four seats available . and sad to say, front seats ! -.- oh well, no choice .

yeah yeah, you're right . we watched


well i wouldn't say it's the greatest movie ever but it was a nice one (:

and this is where i end my post with the other pics i took on other days . fyi, i spent two days blogging this so i really hoped you enjoyed it (: now enjoy the pics ^.^

table deco . creative :D

this was taken inside the car so, sorry for the blur pic . :p

the car was moving when i took this . double sorry . :p

*so, hope you guys had a wonderful christmas as well !

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