Animal Videos That Turned Me Into A Brat

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mm... Could bet on like 99% that the girls can relate to this. Given all the interesting animal videos going viral everywhere, sure you've seen some of them! Don't want to give it away too much but here are some of the videos that make me scream............

I WANT!!!!!

For those of you who are too impatient to look at the whole video, you might want to skip it near to the end where the most amazing sound was made.


Like if this penguin video did not just make you scream you want a penguin like I did, I recalled the first video that ever made me scream that.

Guys, who in the world wouldn't want a penguin now? NO HANDS.
If you didn't scream, it must be because you have your mouth wide open. Fix your jaw.

They're too precious despite the fact that they are killer whales. I mean, can you resist shrieking looking at the baby whale nodding and shaking its head???? SO SMART!

Think my house could become a zoo if I could have all these pets I want.

And I would like to ask Alejandro a question to have him nod to make my day please.

TOO ADORABLE!!!! Yes I even want a walrus now. See how crazy animal videos made me. GAWD.
I will be diligent to do exercises EVERYDAY if I have a walrus to do exercises with me wtf

Ok, enough of water animals...

Sure this has gone viral enough to make almost everybody want a hedgehog. Yeah, including me!! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE NOT TO FIND THIS CUTE.

A bonus video because it is too cute not to share:

Uhm a bear? WHY NOT! i sound like i'm selling a bear but i'll buy from myself. For hugs and saying hi and bye everyday to get to see him wave
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why do you have to be so irresistable, bear?!
I can watch this video over and over I swear.

 It's going to be my cuddly bear I hug to sleep every night ok.

Speaking of pandas...

Red pandas are another adorable bunch I so want to have! Did you see how that cute one reacted? HAHAHA. Too much to handle.

And then I really need to end this post with the most amazing animal video ever known worldwide.
I can't remember how many times I have watched this but all I can remember is I cried every time I watch this. :')
If you haven't watched this, you are not living. WATCH IT NOW NO MATTER HOW LONG IT IS.

Do you have any animal video which made you want them animals so bad? ;)

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