Total-Worth-It Japanese Buffet

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My family and I love exploring new places with good food. So about a month ago, we actually went to Suki-Ya located at Bugis+. Found lots of fascinating Japanese restaurants on the same level so for those who would like to try some new Japanese cuisine, you can try your luck there! :D

It is a restaurant serving Japanese Hotpot aka shabu shabu. I don't really like using  the word shabu shabu because it sounds like it's made up. I know i'm weird. This is like our virgin time trying Japanese Hotpot.

One hotpot = 2 choices of soup base
They have quite the wide range of options for soup base:

The soup base we chose were Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki. 

They offer a bunch of promotions but the one my family and I took was a dinner buffet all-you-can-eat for 100mins for $20.90++ per pax. You know how expensive beef can get so most of the time, buffet doesn't offer you beef unless you pay a lot maybe.

To my amazement, Suki-Ya owns the title of being a totally-worth-it buffet because they are generous enough to give you all the beef, pork, chicken and other food you can eat! On top of that, the other food they provided were all pretty good too.

Idk if you know this, but in our generation, cheese tofu is definitely a shoo-in for the list of top 10 good food. And YES, they have that too! 
If that isn't insane enough, they blow you up double with cheese meatballs. Wtf. 

This is how the line of food that you are allowed to grab looks like:

Not a lot but who cares when you'd be spending most of your time ordering beef, pork and chicken anyway. And grabbing cheese meatballs and cheese tofu. Never forget that. 

This is how their beef looks like. Bloody... tempting.

Chicken and Pork! 

I have some tips for you that you definitely have to take up! They actually recommend 4 kinds of sauces that you can mix up. 
You only need to know 1 sauce and 1 sauce only. That is... the EGG SAUCE. 

I find the name too fancy being how simple the procedure to make is. It's just basically... raw egg. You crack an egg in a bowl and that is your sauce. 
BUT don't be fooled by its simpleness. It works wonders with all the meat. 

1) Crack an egg into a bowl and stir it
2) Grab a piece of meat(beef/chicken/pork) and let it cook for about 10 seconds
3) Dip the meat into egg sauce
4) Close your eyes and feel the egg sauce working it

If you're planning to cook noodles and chose Sukiyaki as part of your soup base, PUT YOUR NOODLES INTO THAT.
We realized that soup is quite salty itself so food cannot be cooked for too long in that unless you like your things salty. 

They offer free flow of ice-cream you can make for yourself too! Not like unlimited amount of varieties but I think it's good enough. 

Just check out my happened-to-be-superb-skills on that day when making ice-cream. 
Nobody in my family managed to get the right shape. I'm giving myself a 9.5! 
They have another thing which surprised me; this option for people to top-up to have ALL THE SAKE YOU CAN DRINK. WHAT?

If you need any more information like prices, promotions etc, link for your convenience! 

Let me know if you did try it and what you think! 

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