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Thursday, August 01, 2013


I think the title more or less caught your attention now, didn't it?

I am very honoured to be invited by Eskpade to have a tea party to be introduced about what they do. It was quite the eye-widening experience for me.

Excited to know what they do now right? ;)

Kristine Hakim is the owner of Eskpade and she do embroideries on her hand-made products like hats, bangles etc. She finds her inspirations from traditional crafts, arts and historical costumes during her travels, that she calls her little "escapades".

Each product is unique and delicately handled from the fabric to the finished product, focusing on details and quality. You can't get the product just anywhere and you won't see another person wearing the same hat as you!

Kristine Hakim actually studied Diploma in Fashion Design from Raffles Design Institute embarking on a journey to Paris to pursue her dreams, learning more about fashion.

Her story's pretty amazing if you ask me. Like a fairytale. Convincing enough to make the perfect hat for you (:

These are the few hand-made vintage inspired hats I got to see during our little tea party:

You must be excited to see how they look like on a actualy human being right! This is when I give excuse to model for you.

I don't know if I did justice to those gorgeous hats but I tried!

 This was the hat Kristine chose for me to wear because she said it matches my dress. What do you think? (:

I'm sorry my pics have little spots all over the place but that's because my digital camera makes some of my pics yellow :/ 
And then my DSLR lens is not working. Does anybody know a good place to get camera lens fixed? PLEASE LET ME KNOW OK!

You know what's another cool thing about these hats? They make good gifts! 

If you're thinking of buying someone a hat as a gift, you can customize the hat with their names embroidered inside the hat.
THEY OWN IT. Good idea huh.

If you don't want to buy a hat as a gift for someone, Eskpade sell other accessories like bangles and necklaces too! All embroidered btw. 

They'll be bringing in leather bags for the store soon!

*To be fair, if you don't think I did justice to those hats...

 The hat on the blogger on the top picture is not by Eskpade btw.

*I had to photoshop my face because it looked huge -.-

Eskpade has its store up and running already! Eskpade is located at:


Head down there to look at some of their awesome stuff! 

If you want to find out more info about them, links!

Unique. Something only you have.

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