Busy Life

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just wanted to update this space even if it is a short post. If you don't know, I have been very much busy with my University life.

But I still update my Instagram and twitter quite a lot *hint hint 

Had no clue that University differs a lot from polytechnic when it comes to time. I have 4 days of lecture every week now like how I used to have 4 days of lesson in a week during my 2nd or/and 3rd year; I can't remember. 

But time just never seem to be enough. Why? When I look back, I kinda just started my semester not long ago and 2 assignments have been given with deadline nearing. 

I have homework not like the ones I had in poly. But I have homework like when I was in secondary school now.. Everyday seems so packed that it gets hard to find any more time for anything. -.-  

Today, I saw something motivating. I saw  people smiling wearing their graduation gowns. 
Well not just the gown but it comes with the mortarboard too!! That is like the thing that screams HUGE DEAL

That person wearing that is going to be me someday. I can't wait to see myself in that. SOON....

Alright!! If you miss my face, I updated Instagram plenty and here are some ;) 

If you read this, I am truly grateful. I am. I love you, whoever you are (: 
I promise I'm working on some interesting posts! 


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