Saturday, August 10, 2013

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For all those people who have been reading my blog, you will know that I am not the type of woman who would kill to take care of my skin and had not been taking care of my skin like how I should.

I'm serious. Like I cleanse my face using water, that's all.
For the last couple of weeks, I realized that my skin condition had gotten bad with pimples and acne popping out on my forehead and the sides of my face.
I think many have this problem, am I wrong?

You guys may know from a previous post that I went for my first facial and my skin condition improved. However, I still spot red marks caused by really big acne I used to have.

I got contacted by Epure, interested in sending me their masks to solve my problem. I did my research and came by their instagram filled with so many amazing results the masks were able to provide!
So you can imagine how excited I was in wanting to try them.


Developed by the renowned Dr. Yulong Moy from USA, ePure Membranous Jelly Masque is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor), formulated for intense hydration, increasing the skin's moisture by 30%-50%. 

It works to restore & balance the skin by removing impurities like blackheads/whiteheads effectively & instantaneously. It also inhibit melanin synthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone & leaves your skin brighter & supple with dewy fresh vibrance.

I received the masks in this box along with a thick rubber band securing  the whole box

These are the 2 boxes of masks inside. Look at how they are bubble-wrapped! Very secure packaging if you ask me

As you can tell, there are 6 masks in one box. There is also a scrapper provided in every box for you to apply the mask

The mask is recommended to be used 3-4 times a week for oily skin and 2-3 times a week for dry skin. My skin is more on the dry side so I used 3 packets of mask per week.

I applied the mask at night before I go to sleep for whole 3 weeks. Let me walk through my experience of this mask with you! 
I will have a BEFORE & AFTER picture of my red marks and skin condition after I use the mash so stay tuned!

So basically, I used the scrapper to "scoop" an amount of the jelly mask from the packet:
Which looked like this

With the mask, I finish applying it on my whole face as evenly as I can. They provided quite a large amount of the jelly mask in a packet so don't worry if your face is as wide as mine. Haha
If you're worried about the smell of the jelly, it smells sweet. Like vanilla (:

Since when do people look not-scary in masks right? 

I find that it was extremely easy to apply the jelly mask using the scrapper provided. It felt cold on your skin at first touch. It is recommended to have the mask kept in the fridge to make it colder when you apply to your face. 
I tried that and it felt awesome! Who doesn't like the cooling effect on their skin ;)

Ready to see my before & after face after my first use?!!!

*no adjustment of brightness & contrast

Did you notice how my skin turned so much brighter after the first use? I was really amazed at the difference it instantly showed. 
I must say, my skin feels really moisturized after every use. I notice that my skin wasn't as dry the next morning after using this mask (:

There wasn't any difference seen with the red marks on my face with the first use though.

It wasn't until the 3rd week that I noticed a change in the red marks. It had lighten quite a lot from the first week I started using the mask:

I mean, I realize it lightened the red marks on my face but I didn't realize by so much until I saw these pictures and compare them side by side! 

The left one was before I use ANY of those masks and the right was after I used 9 masks(3 weeks).

It took quite some time for me for me to get the red marks lightened but I would guess it is because of my lifestyle with all sleeping late habit and not drinking much water habit as well. 

It could be faster for you guys if you don't have such an unhealthy lifestyle like me! Haha. Well either way, it works.

Cost of mask?
1 box = 6 masks = $39.90 

Where to purchase it from?

Postage Details
1 box - Free Normal Mail
2 or more boxes - Free Registered Mail


If you guys are interested in seeing some of the amazing results that this product can do, you can visit their FB page or Instagram page! 

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