Saturday, July 31, 2010

whenever you see this word, most people would say or think happy . you ask me is this a happy post ? no, it's not. i'm not here posting this for happy reasons.

most of the time, people thought they DON'T have a happy family but when in actual fact, they DO. but as for me, i thought i HAVE a family family when in actually fact, i DON'T .

yes, i do have fun with them joking around and playing and hanging out and all but that's not called a happy family just yet .

they just got me disheartened times and times . my parents . they do not show that they have confidence in me, they just use my sister as something to discourage me . and the things that i wanna do, they are not supportive of it . the things that my sister wants to do, they are more than happy to let her do it ! you don't know how that felt, no.

when it was the time to choose a course in one of the poly, there was this DPA(direct-poly-admission) system . i have no intention of using this system . it's a system where they let students with talents get in not really based on their results .

so i was telling my mum and see how she reacted *note: I HAVE NO INTENTION OF USING DPA*

mum: haha ! you have talent meh ? *with that look*
me: huh ? i didn't say that i have !
*i smiled and laughed like it's a joke*

but really, it's not funny at all .
can you tell me it is if you were me ?
i went back to my room and cried after that .

so when i entered poly, there were so go many Interest Groups for me to choose from and i found one . singing is my passion and i'd have to go to this audition in order to see if i am eligible for this particular interest group or not .

so, told them about it and this is how mum reacted
mum: hahahha, you can't pass that's for sure !"

another thing i wanted to do in the past was to learn fashion design .
my sister was interested too . so my mum had this friend whom was in the fashion design industry and what comes to my mum's mind ?
"POOF!" my sister ! how great is that huh .
telling her friend, pointing at my sister and blah blah blah . you should know what she said .

i was soooo gone . in her mind .

make-up courses, guitar lessons . all disapproved . by them .

want to know what my sister's into ? drawing . DRAWING *making sure you see it*
she wants colour pencils ? faber-castel brand ? she got it . chalk pencil ? she got it . and whatever ohkay . so many more .

you know what ? maybe my sister always getting one of the top ten in class is the reason . and she won money in competitions . but is that a reason to treat me unfairly like that ? uhm ... PARENTS ?

and guess what ? they disheartened me again when i was out with them . so we were talking about this subject i has in school called "Programming" and that i totally suck at it . they want me to learn it and said it's sooo good for making money and i just said i'm not interested .

their reply ?
Dad: aiya, we depend on Hui Ying(sister) on our future already
Mum: ya ya, count on Hui Ying already

what do you expect me to reply to that, PARENTS ?

congratulations, you had "WTH" me 4 times in my life and i bet there are more coming .

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  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Awww, cheer up! Although your parents only care about your sister, I'm sure there are lotsa other people who care about you. Don't be sad! (:

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Awww, cheer up! Although your parents only care about your sister, I'm sure there are lotsa other people who care about you. Don't be sad! (:


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