Wednesday, August 04, 2010

have you met reeeeaaalllllyyyy irritating people who can't stop minding other people's business ???! and who thought they're right in everything they say ???!

well applause for me because i met 2 ! on the internet ! yes, even people on the internet are so busybody . mind you, i don't know them very well and neither do they me .
you know the feeling i'm having now ?
just like this

hmm .. well just that my hair is like nicer, face is prettier and facial emotion not so uhm ugly . oh, and slimmer . yeah . *just let me be ohkay, for those who don't agree since i'm so mad . have a heart!*

1) the first guy . i'll skip to the important part where the problem arises . the part where the problem arises was almost the same as the second guy . so he knows i'm attached to a guy overseas .

his reaction:

u r attached with someone overseas? ,,,, sound interesting...

so he coming over to meet u?"

and blah blah .

and then he said
"haha... kinda of funny relationship..

as in u have noone to cuddle... when u need it..

or someone to hold ur hands when u feel cold in cinema...

or even doing things couples do.."
funny ? i don't think it's funny tbh . it's sad -.-

what i said : "haha . yes i do know that . it is kind of tough but i know it's worth it ."

this was when i started to boil
"mm.. worth it??

sorry to be blunt.. how u know he do not have a real gf in life..

also maybe he just want to play u?"
like wth . why do you care so much ? i know you very well ? NO . we just had about .. a 3 or 4 messages conversation only so stop acting like you know me very well zZZ .

besides, your reply is totally ridiculous . insulting my bf like that . oh, did you notice, mister, that i'm his gf ? -.-

me: "well relationship is all about trust . same goes for if i have a bf in singapore, how would i know he doesn't have another gf or id he's just playing with me ?

sorry to be blunt"

him : "haha.. ok la.. i know...

for your case, there is nothing to be sorry...

i am just feeling that did not meet the person and just commited the relationship may not be a very good idea... anyway.. hope he is the right one for u :)"

do you think i said sorry like i really mean it in this case ? actually no . i said it for the sake of sarcasm .

and i hate it when people say harsh and mean things to you at the front and wishes you good luck with a smiley face at the end . it's obvious what you REALLY mean . you think i'm a 3 year old kid ?

at this point, a little tired quarelling . *note: doesn't mean giving up!*
me: "yeah . i know . some people feel this way . some people can take it some people just can't . so ya .


him: "ya la...

actually most ppl cannot take it..

mainly because the relationship is for 2 to be together.. if 2 cannot be together not even before..

how can it be possible"
if you say most people, stop convincing me that my relationship wouldn't work out u because i am not the most people . just stop acting like you know everything . the past, present and the future really ? -.-

like wtf . he started lecturing me about what love is and i started lecturing him back .

it's obvious he's convinced my r/s wouldn't work and all but is my main question to you is why do you make it sound like it's your problem when it's not ? why do you like to get your ass in other people's business so much ???? go be a fortune teller or something since you're so sure about the way you forsee the future .

i had this last message that shut him up to show that i'm reeeaaallllyy pissed off .

his last message was "lol... true.. u dont depends him on anything..

but on the other hand, if a bf is just for u to love and love by just saying it.. was that love?

love is not just saying.. but showing concern of the other person..

do things she like..

buy things she like

pamper her..

go around with her..


it is difficult to maintain overseas realtionship.. where i see one of my friend who went study with me and his gf is back in SIN and they manage to get through..

the differences here is they has been togerher and spend time with each other before...

so it is easier substain the relationship..

But for your case... it is much more difficult with someone u have not met in real..

anyway.. not to dampen your spirit... hope that he is a right one for u.."

oh really ? you say this much not to dampen my spirit ? crap so can anyone tell me what's it's for then ? out of boredness ?

me: "yes showing concern doesn't mean you have to depend on him .

the things that are mentioned, he can do and has done .

examples doesn't prove anything .

you haven't experience it, you won't know . that's just how the way you seeit . you don't feel it so well in no position to talk about this with me .

oh, and don't worry, you are not enough to dapen my spirit ."

he's probably speechless after i said this because there was no reply . HAHAHHA .

2) another guy . this is A LOT MORE RIDICULOUS . let's see his 1st message to me .
"Gosh... ur simply gorgeous... sweet... pretty... sexy... n boobie... Really luvs to b ur frnds... Can I...???"
disgusting freak .
and he doesn't seem to be as disgusting as how he shows(boobie). i thought . until for the latest messages .

but let's see what other ridicoulous things he said first .
he said: "I bet u like their huge n long dicks too.... Is it....???"
WTF . NO ! you're another typical .

i started getting a little pissed off about what he said but i chilled . *see, i'm nice enough to do that . but see how much more ridiculous can he be*

and where he talked about bf, i told him i have one . a Latino; Puerto Rican bf . oh, this is one ridiculous thing he asked .
"So.. currently ur having a Latino bf.... Dats not bad.... So... how r Puerto Rican men....??? R they same like the Caucasian....????"

i mean, hello mister, i only met one and you asked me this question like i stay in Puerto Rico . like i know how ALL Puerto Rico men are like ! wth .

and with him, himself, saying that he's a caucasian, he dares to write in this english zZZ
"But u looks very young to have a bf.... How old r u...???"
you lookS .
HAHAHAHA . need an english lesson ? i could give you one ! well i can't say my english is THE best but it'll at lease IMPROVE yours !
btw, thanks for the compliment on the young part . (:
*i still am polite as you can see*

and look at another reply of his . interesting and as ridiculous . when i told him i'm 18 .
"Wow... 18.... ur indeed young to me..."
like duh ! of course i'm young to you . you're 38 ! but *shrugs* if you want to remind yourself like that ..

so previously he asked about Puerto Rico men . i just told him about my bf . said he was sweet and nice and looks like caucasian since he asked are they the same as caucasians . (i talked about my bf not ALL Puerto Ricans and expects him to realise that i only know one Puerto Rican)
but ... he totally has no common sense ..
"From wat I know... Latino guys can b very charming.. romantic n gud Lover... is dat true....???"
how the hell would i know ?? let me reiterate my stand . i only know ONE Latino and that is my bf ! how can i tell you about ALL Latinos ??!!

till this point, you may be surprised i'm still speaking nicely with him . *why the hell did i do that? -.-*

when i told him idk about the Latino men thingy as i have only met my bf, he said
"U dun know.... Dat means u juz bn with him quite recently onli..... I taut u have bn with him quite some tiem n already involved intimately with him...."

firstly, do something with your illegible typing .

secondly, people, which part of my english wasn't clear enough for him to understand that i cannot speak for ALL Latinos because i only know one ??! (telling me you're a caucasian. you know, you're making yourself look like a liar now)

thirdly, you shouldn't THINK such things(involved intimately) on your own . at least don't say it to the person if you have like i know you for very long . WTH .

so the explanation(hard work) goes on . finally it's understood . *HALLELUJAH*

crap . and then what's the next thing he asks ?
"OIC... So u havn't get sexually involved with him....?????"
uhm .. is it like your business ? you're my dad ? not even my friend . WHO ARE YOU ?

and when i told him my bf and i do cams, his immediate reaction was how a perv would have .
" OIC... so u cam on cam with him..... dats gud....
Juz chat on cam onli.... nothing else....??? lolx...."

-.- 38 already still act cute (lolx)zZZ

told him nothing else and look at another irritating message of his
"OIC... juz normal cam on cam n chat onli.... I taut got some special show going on... lolx....
He never show u his private parts....????"

told you don't have already !! which part of it do you not understand ?!! you're just wasting my time, seriously . i don't know why the hell i can stand you for so long . maybe i just wanna see what more irritating messages you can come up with .
another thing, there's only one private part, stupid . you're a guy and you don't know that . nice ..

next he asked " Then r u ready for such relationship.. now????"
why would i be in this r/s if i'm not ready, arse ???

when i told him i know i am ..
"Dats gud if ur ready for such relationship..... Wats makes u ready for it now....???? Can it b ur curiosity about ur sexuality.....????"
have you got nothing else in your brain except sex ??!

i even told him politely that he can stop he sexuality stuff now and that is has nothing to do with sexuality .

his utterly annoying reply
"Sorry... did I upset or offended u in anyway.....???? Im sorry if ur not open to such adults conversation...

Ur surprise me indeed.... I taut Poly gurls r mature enough to such topics... I guess I was wrong... Not all... i guess...."

*note:he knows i'm in poly at this point in time*
WTH !! made me sooo mad !
yeah, you're mature . mature 38 year old man . way too mature . btw, it's YOU instead of YOU'RE .

asked him why should we have adult chat anyway
"Bcos wr adult... dats y wr having n adults conversation here.... rite or not..... Unless u still consider urself a littke gurl.... r u...???? Anyway... dat y wr here... to make frnds n enjoy our chat....."
oh, really ? personal attack is the best you can do ?
oh so you're saying your uncle and your mum talk about such stuff, or maybe auntie and your dad ? they're adults right ? so should all adults talk about such stuff ? they're just crazy like you if they really do .

does making friends and enjoying chats == having adult chats ?
hmm .. then i can say bye to all friendships .

fuck . this is the most annoying part where we started arguing
"Its ok with me... if ur offended with my opinions.... Its juz n opinions... n it doesn't mean dat its rite...

I guess wr of of the same frame of mind. Its ok... with me... Grow up......please...!!!! bbyes...."

his english is totally a lot worse than i thought .

i would let you see the rest of the "fight". enjoy ! (:

ME: "firstly, i really don't understand your english in the second sentence because it's all messed up .

secondly, i am grown up in mind to not be as desperate as you needing adult chats so much to make you feel all grown up .

thirdly, bye"

HIM: "Ha..ha..ha... Dats Ironic of u..... wanting to have a caucasian bf... n yet ur not grown-up n have n open mind....

Dreammm on... Baby.... N u'll juz b one of those typical asian gurls wannabes... n u'll end up as Playgurls n sexslaves to those Ang Mohs....

Look urself in the mirror... n u'll know where u'll fits in... with ur local boys....!!!! I bet u wished ur Mummy n ur Pappa wr Caucasians too... rite...???? Thanks for the chat anyway.... Bbyes... n keep on dreaming....!!!!"

i replied him but i have no idea where that message had gone to . it disappeared . but i'll do a live on for all you readers ! :D

ME: uhm .. who says in order to have a caucasian bf, you need to have a open mind and be a grown up ? secondly, you just say what you think of me and your opinion's totally WRONG . but why you would think that, i would not blame you because i don't flirt with a 38 year old man like you who doesn't respect others and who thinks yourself as almighty . and in addition, desperate . and sorry old man, i'm not that old who's as desperate as you . wrong choice .

at least i have dreams . you can't even dream, old man . prepare to be a whore, a bitch or a lonely old man for the rest of your life . sad sad story .

oh let's stand together and look at ourselves who is in the right and better position to tell the opposite to take a look in the mirror . and that daddy and mummy thingy was like totally off the topic ? you're definitely speechless to what i replied . if i wish my mum and dad were caucasians, then now you're crying and running back home to find your parents and tell them i bully you . you disgust me ."

just what i want to say . hope you took it well old man (:

overall, kicked 2 strangers who kept minding people's business our of my world . thank god . it's something worth celebrating ! :D

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    Genial dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  2. oh, you are very welcome ! (:

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    If a man is destined to drown, he will drown even in a spoonful of water.


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