Thursday, July 15, 2010

bet you all are !! like my classmates . LOLOLOL

so today we spent some time of the lunch break watching uhm .. DISGUSTING videos .
i think it's getting trendy now .
well for as far as you're concerned, the one video i showed them was the MOST GROSS video ever !! *my opinion anyway

guys who were watching this got further & further away from the laptop . i see covering of eyes . WTH . LMAO

test your chickeness ? watch all the videos !! and i mean for the whole duration !

so, did you manage to get past the first one ? NOT BAD . not bad only ah !!
let's see you get past the 2nd one ! muahahaha !!

did you just come back from the toilet now from all that puking ?
yeah, i know like WTF disgusting !
someone in my class just said it looks like egg yolk .

and fyi, i did watch the for the whole duration for BOTH videos ohkay .
there, proven i'm not chicken !! :D
tbh, idk why i have trouble looking at it the 2nd time . BLECH ~!

so tell me are you chicken or not !! if you are not, give me a TICK on "I FREAKING LIKE IT" !!

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  2. exchange links with my site ? what do you mean ?


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