Push & Squeeze, Squeeze & Push

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

so the most interesting lesson i have had so far in poly i think .

we have all known Japan for their peoples' patientness, kind hospitality and everything else . probably all good stuff . right ?

well then i am in much shock to see this during lesson ! omg !

if that's not clear enough, :

HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHA !!!!!! this will definitely be your first reaction to this video . i totally understand . it's damn funny right !! i know !! LOL !

who would know that the people who always give the leave the reserved seats empty for needies would turn out to be squeezing LIKE THIS ???

this one is like fucking exaggerating !! you never thought something like this is happening in real life . this video can be featured in "Asia's Funniest Videos" and win the first prize . ROFL .
and imagine elderlies and people who are carrying children inside !! no air can ! -.- (maybe there's carbon dioxide)

what i had on my mind the moment i saw this video was ...


imagine, everyone squeezing together like this . i bet if a guy's hand happened to be just a few inches away from a girl's butt . naturally, he would touch it !!

*as shown in pic, but the only difference is in that situation, that guy wouldn't have to use so much effort to lift his hand -.-*

and you know what, he'll get away with it
why ?

1)that girl wouldn't know it's a guy's hand or even a hand which touched her butt because the train is TOO squeezy

2) she would think whatever the gender is, the person didn't mean it because the train is TOO squeezy

3) the train is TOO squeezy for her to even turn around to see if it's someone touching her butt

4) it's impossible for her to turn around to shout at that person if she knows who touches her butt because the train is TOO squeezy

and don't mention about the girl's boobs . they are definitely IN DEEP DANGER .

turned out things REALLY got out of hand they had to implement this !


nice one, nice one . i have to admit .

to end this post, - my current favourite song ;)

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