what's up with the BIG groups ?!

Monday, July 26, 2010

definitely cannot ignore THIS anymore . notice the big groups ? really irritating !!
ohkay, 2 groups that i can come up with and i can already feel it

hmm ... think of all their fans ...

mm .. no big deal (gah~!)

so the first group which got me go "WTF ?!"

"Hei Se Hui Mei Mei" or "Hey Girls". (make up your mind zZZ) i really wonder why they need sucha big group for . 9 people ! sho lam -.- oh, and i thought of some reasons ..

1) your voice CMI (cannot make it) and needs some cover up

2) you don't look good enough to be an individual singer

and .. sorry, cannot think of any already .

another group ? the current hottest (though i have no idea why)

"SNSD" or "Girls Generation" so they do have the same number of people and they have the same can't-make-up-their-mind problem . whoopie -.-
[so i just heard that SNSD is short form of their Korean name for people who don't know how to pronounce. The meaning of SNSD in english is Girls' Generation.] really, how interestingly ... weird .

you know, i may not be able to come up with many reasons why you would want to form such big a group but i do have lots of reasons you SHOULD NOT come up with such big a group .

1) money - must share . so many people share until no money -.-

2) people(like me) have trouble remembering your faces !!

3) people (like me) don't bother to remember your names since there are so many of you ? -.-

4) you will end up embarrassed if someone mistaken you for another team member of in your group. (no, you don't want that)

5) BECAUSE the next thing you'd be thinking is .. "is this member better than me?", "is this member more famous than me?", "is she prettier than me?"
*and the list just goes on .. and on ... zZZ you'll feel bad about yourself . no doubt

6) and the next thing you know ? quarelling, arguing, cat fights and blah blah blah . deal with it . it's going to be hard . you know it .

7) end of group ! it's disaster ! hooray ~!

now i guess i finally understand why i always seem to NOT like big groups . (that 2 in particular)it all makes sense now . because they don't really have the potential but they just want fame zZZ
and no, don't mistaken i'm jealous of their looks[?] ugh, i even feel ridiculous saying this . because, I AM NOT JEALOUS . -.-

p/s: i realise a post about K-pop has been twisted & turn to this

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