Sunday, July 04, 2010

so my sister has been going bonkers about this backmasking thing and it's driving me crazy *rolls eyes*

i believe many of the people know about Lady Gaga amputating her own leg . well at least i think i heard from it from my class . i must say, i'm not really shocked because she seems to be *cough* "special" in a way .

i googled on it .

not true .

but check this out :


well in fact most of the sites said it's true from my research . so just so you know, you're free to trust my researching skills . OR NOT .

and if it is, she said it's doing it for the sake of FASHION . can you believe this girl ? really ? Gaga ? -.-

ohkay, so that hair ribbon thing is going on trendy now but amputating legs ? O.M.G

and now i'm back to BACKMASKING .
as to how Lady Gaga is behaving ought to be linked to this backmasking(as so my sister has influenced me to believe zZZ *alright, only a little* i'm hoping she doesn't see this).

well first of all, WHAT IS BACKMASKING ?
and thank god they have this video which explains it all or i will have to bore you with my explanation but in the end you still won't get it . (just so you know, baby said i'm not good at explaining GAH~! >.<)

anyway, here's the video !

and the first thing that came aross my mind is that maybe people are playing pranks or something but my sister insisted saying no because she found lots of the same video from different people .

She told me these songs are to hypnotise people to worship Satan and do sexual stuff or whatever . And then she said Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Britney Spears etc. artists sold their souls to "don't-know-who" to gain popularity and get famous . yes, this fast .

you ask me if i believe it ? hmm .. maybe . am i scared ? not really . well maybe just a few days of not listening to Lady Gaga's songs .

So yeah, regarding to how it's linked to Lady Gaga having her leg amputated - it is said it's an offering to "don't-know-who"

like omg, why is Christanity things so complicated and creepy . ohkay, yes it's giving me the creeps.

and you know a funny thing ? i can't believe even "Dora the explorer" and "Barney Song" is involved ! WOW.

p/s : my sister's going bonkers because she spent 3 days listening to the same old backmasking thing -.- and now i'm going bonkers !

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