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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i'm updating for the sake of updating . and thought it might be cool to introduce some songs which i have been listening to . may be old, i may be slow(must be all the effect the songs have on me to come up with this rhyme) . but blah blah blah i don't care .

and not to forget, some PICS to share ! ;)


1) this is like the most touching video ever !! it's a MUST WATCH !!! (introduced by Regina) and it's shit i can''t find one which can let me embed one . and ones that let me embed, they cut away the part that i like the most -.-
so i'm afraid you'll have to click it ! MUST CLICK !!
the sweetest part is at around 2.03 minutes :D

2) this is currently the song i'm in love with .

3) this song is introduced by Regina as well . note: first part's not very interesting as compared to the chorus*

but .. i'm still not a fan of Miley Cyrus . sorry .
and it's good to find someone who sings better than her . my opinion anyway .

Avery ! (she's a new star)

4)this is the first song Sean dedicated to me ! so it really means a lot . i was freaking touched can . :') sooooo in love with this song and still am !

and wanna know the 2nd song he dedicated to me ? :DDDD


this is the "plainest" song but the most sweetest song ever ~! the lyrics are so meaningful especially the "remote control" part .

6) i'm like totally touched with this 3rd song(i should probably say all) he dedicated to me :') the lyrics and all . gosh ~ *loves*

7) and this is the song i dedicated to him !

you have no idea how hard i finally found a song which is suitable for me to dedicate . *sweats in the past*


and now just some pics that i took for the past few days of which *cough* INCLUDES ME .

you must be wondering where i got those bunny ears . my group won a box of CRAP(literally) and that's how i got it . took it with my temporarily permed hair(Jose Eber hair curling iron!!!)

ohkay .. my eyes look a little weird here .

this is like the cutest pic ever ! you know you agree !!

this was taken today . Lavis is showing his manicure . HAHAHA
taken today as well . i bet i can imagine what's he's saying, "awww, stop making me embarrassed! i know i'm gorgeous like my owner" yeah, exactly

i thought this pic was kinda interesting with his tongue sticking out and eyes like really small . LOL

and that's ...... ALL !! hope you enjoyed all the songs and pics ! well actually you don't have to . -.-

ohkay, i'm going to finish this post with the sweetes pic of all :

p/s: i love you baby .

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