Sunday, December 06, 2009

i went out to a pub for the first time on friday and it was good . yes, just good . sad that i'm not 18 yet-i can't sit inside . but not to worry . only .... hmm ... 4 months and 10 days more ! yes ! *shut up, can't i console myself ? Xp

anyway, it wasn't too bad to sit outside what with the drink i had and the games i played with my accompanies (The Split Personality and The Problematic) haha .*inside joke . ohkay ohkay, don't say i'm not fair to you . i'm going to say why they have these BIG names .

one day, this girl and her friend wanted to watch a movie . her friend wanted a SPRITE while she wanted a cheesy hotdog . her friend ordered for her and went somewhere else and leave her to wait for the drink and cheesy hotdog . when both the drink and hotdog arrived, she was bewildered . she thought, "i ordered COKE, didn't i ? why did they give me SPRITE ?" yes, the problem here is when did she order coke ? HILARIOUS . LOL . >.<
she even scolded the person for it ! hahaha .
fyi, true story .

this girl boarded a bus with a $1 coin in her hand as she did not have her ez-link card with her . (for my overseas friends, we use ez-link card here to tap in buses to pay for our bus fares :D ) and guess what she did ? she used her $1 coin to tap vigorously on the machine . she thought she had her ez-link card in her hand ! everyone in the bus was laughing at her by then . LOL . >.<
fyi, a true story as well .

haha . well, funny incidents do happen . LOL . anyway back to the pub . i had a drink called "Virgin Mary" and it was really superb . i enjoyed it a lot !! man, i miss the drink now .

simple yet amazing drink :D i'm sooooo in love with it ! i think it has a little bit of wine in it because i can taste a little spiciness . but really, it's an awesome drink . you have to try it . (:

and so after drinking, we got a little crazy . and well, if you wanna know, i tried kissing a girl for the first time . LOL . well, i'm sure you wanna ask me how it feels . well ... it is good . but i swear i'm still STRAIGHT . LOL .

to end my post, i have one pic to post up . but sorry, it's just me . :p

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